SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University–University Hospital of Brooklyn has established a dedicated outpatient clinic for the ongoing care of discharged patients following inpatient and outpatient treatment at SUNY Downstate for COVID-19.

Nearly 90% of patients treated at SUNY Downstate had at least two pre-existing health conditions and 30% had three. Nearly 88% of patients who died from COVID-19 at Downstate were people of color.

The clinic opened on May 7 at the University Hospital of Brooklyn and provides for the specialized needs of recovering COVID-19 patients. This includes monitoring for the potentially significant side effects of the medications they received, blood tests, EKGs and consultation with physician sub-specialties to assure their ongoing recovery.

The clinic will continue to care for patients for a month or more following discharge and carefully follow their progress after returning to the care of their personal physician.

Last March, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo designated SUNY Downstate as one of three state facilities to only treat COVID-19 patients.