Surprisingly, Trump did not blame former President Obama for his two-week long ingestion of hydroxychloroquine, though he continues to stoke rumors about “Obamagate” with no clear indication of what it’s all about.

But having details for any of his allegations for Trump is beside the point; the accusation alone is sufficient in his alternate universe where lies have vanquished the truth.

Removing Obama from recent memory is one part of his erasure tactics. Making sure Obama has no lasting legacy seems to be his ultimate goal. And another step in that direction occurred just the other day when Trump said he will not hold a ceremony at the White House for the unveiling of Obama’s portrait.

The unveiling of the former president’s portrait has been a 40-year tradition that has been performed by Democrat and Republican presidents. But normal traditions and conventions are rarely on Trump’s agenda as he has abrogated just about each and every one of them.

Even if Trump would have gone along with the ceremony, there’s little chance that Obama would have attended. The two have expressed an ongoing contempt for each other, and the disrespect has often spilled over into bitter and contentious words.

Not unveiling Obama’s portrait reveals once more the jealousy and disgust Trump has for his predecessor and he keeps finding lower levels to display his dislike, which is probably too kind a word for his feelings for Obama.

Having to face Obama’s portrait each morning would have reminded him again and again of his inferiority, and our only hope is that Biden returns the favor.

Sure, this is an assumption on our part, but nothing would please us more than having Trump sandwiched between the two Democrats, and it is with that wish in mind that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!