While wearing your mask this COVID-19 season, the fashion focus is on your eyes. Last week in a supermarket, a male customer at the cash register was flirting with the female cashier. “I like your eyebrows,” he offered. She batted her eyes. Everyone smiled underneath their masks. With the masks, you only see the eyes, not the full face. How mysterious! For fall ’20, the eye makeup look is the eye of the tiger.

When applying your eye makeup, know your eye shape. This summer, don’t be afraid of wearing a little color on your eyes. While applying eyeliner, eye pencil and eye shadow, tilt your head up at an angle. Add an arch to your eyebrows (if you don’t have a natural one) for height and to give your eyes a lift.

Microblading is a new, cutting-edge, manual technique for eyebrow restoration. At Brow Design International and the Design International Beauty Micro-blading & PMU Studio at 35 West 45th Street, NYC, professional, licensed technicians can create a perfect, custom eyebrow design for you and create the most natural, realistic hair strokes with the use of manual micro-strokes. It is semi-permanent, lasting from 1 to 3 years, perfect for changing skin.

They use a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the bottom layer of the epidermis. Because they are impacting color closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. This technique allows them to create crisp, fine hair strokes that fill in bald spots in thin brows. The process totally reconstructs missing brows, even alopecia. Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed brows everyday without having to worry about filling in, smudging, smearing or disappearing eyebrows! Call 212-518-3754 or visit www.browdesign.com.