When it comes to numbers, the only ones that really count for Trump is the score on his golf card. Never mind the nearly 100,000 U.S. deaths from the novel coronavirus pandemic. And the six-digit threshold, one that he vowed would not happen under his watch, may be a low estimate of the actual number of lives loss.

Rather than expressing concern for the war dead as Memorial Day approached (he did have the flags lowered to half-mast) Trump gathered his clubs and headed for the links, where his tally is no better than his record on recent polls, to say nothing of his total disregard of the nation’s infrastructure.

Trump had promised during his campaign that billions would be spent on repairing the country’s crumbling infrastructure, but the evidence of that plan is still unseen. In fact, the dams that broke in Michigan flooding the state are symptomatic of this neglect. His often combative relationship with Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whom he has insulted calling her “Half Whit,” may be the reason for his inattention. And his recent visit to the state’s Ford plant in Ypsilanti, where he at some points defied the regulation to wear a mask, is just another example of his failure to be concerned about the welfare of others.

Even his order to open up the churches flips his promise that the governors of the states would be the ultimate authority on reopening of businesses and other operations. On top of that, he said he will enforce the openings, and we wait to see how that will be done.

We also wait to see how he will react to the prediction by many medical experts that the virus will find new epicenters in the red states that have currently been relatively spared of the disease. He has declared that there will no second lockdown of the nation, and if those words are anything like those we’ve heard in the past, then we know that is likely to change, particularly if the outbreak begins to match the first round of devastation.

His response and reposting of racist comments from a reactionary whose indignities slammed newswoman Joy Reid and Stacey Abrams were predictable. We will not repeat them here.

The only certainty we have in these perilous times is Trump’s inabilities, incompetence, ineptitude—and if we can add a few more i-words: idiot, ignoramus and imbecilic—all of which add up to a mindless so-called commander, and our command is that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!