Ever had the experience of being overwhelmed, making it nearly impossible to complete a task? It’s in that moment you harness the energy to control your emotions, going from the feeling of “I can’t do it” to the feeling of “Yes I can.” Frustration may try to derail you if you’re not mindful. Take a break, and ask for guidance to assist you through the process. At times we fall into uncomfortable situations just to get comfortable in creating a transformation. It’s like a feeling of standing in the middle of two worlds, trying to figure out which direction to go. Don’t succumb to your present situation. It’s here to get you in harmony with yourself to build a better you within your environment. Rise above. “In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, bridge to our future.” Alex Haley

Capricorn: You’re almost there. And you didn’t come this far to drop the ball or give up. Various types of energy levels of all sorts of new ideas are racing through your mind. Your talents and your work in the world only motivate you to keep climbing the mountain. If you put in the work, the universe will match the same amount of energy you put out. Do you sense it? Do your feet itch? Are your bones aching and shaken? These may just be signs of rebirth and, symbolically, innovative developments. Fly above. “Life is never completely without challenges.” Stan Lee

Aquarius: Be prepared for another wave to pull you in all kinds of directions. Remember, you’re adding another feather to your cap by opening avenues, thus raising your vibration and the perspective of life. If you find you’re talking to yourself, it’s a sign you’re confirming those deep feelings within. That’s because it’s the feelings inside that project the outside outcome. Connect to nature to get grounded and rooted. If not, create a plan, grab a rock, or get out in the garden. Take care of your temple. “The soul that is within me no man can degrade.” Frederick Douglass

Pisces: The colors yellow and black come to mind, which indicate feel-good energy. You feel confident and sure of yourself, yet it’s the small issues that need to be addressed. Your ship is sailing through the waters, but you must allow time. Patience is a virtue. In the meantime, you may find yourself slipping into deep thoughts. Make sure you write those ideas down and listen within. That’s the drive that’ll pull you up by the bootstraps. It’s best to think before you leap into action this week. You need a peaceful environment to continue the quest. What you want is already available to you, you just have to believe. It’s that simple. “Genius is eternal patience.” Michelangelo

Aries: If your mind and heart aren’t in sync this cycle, don’t force it. Rather, let the heart and mind find their way to you. Plans around a move or selling property are on the radar. This week, the window of opportunity may come with a note of caution, so approach it with a full understanding while moving to the next chapter. While you’re in constant motion, it’s okay to sit still, to feel the air, and allow the water to cleanse and heal your wounds. Feed your mind positive thoughts and stay consistent to receive the benefits. Get in alignment with yourself. Put an end to the merry-go-round and prepare to finally run a marathon. The marathon is the start of a new beginning to gain riches if you want them. Once you decide, everything else will fall in place. “I think you know what? You’ve got to believe in yourself. You can do it.” Juan Williams

Taurus: The only way to persevere is if you continue to walk the journey, leaving everyone behind for a minute to progress without fear of anyone holding you back. That’s because decisions need to be made, along with a sincere commitment. At the same time, something grand is at stake, adding abundance regarding your projects. Protect your energy by all means necessary. Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, you have to go within. Your plate is full and colorful, so stay grounded. Apply the final touches then review everything before you decide. You’re in the driver’s seat—don’t underestimate yourself. A new kind of relationship may be forming within your business and personal affairs. “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” W. Clement Stone

Gemini: Knock, knock, who’s there? These may be those moments where your immediate surroundings are in a fragile state. The pressure from home, work, and habits are all whirling at your fingertips, causing you to remove yourself from the equation. You may find that having a cup of tea, reading a book, receiving a massage, or enjoying a good old-time drink can take the edge off. Your partnerships and relationships may be in question. Do you have a clear picture of the situation? Take the time to decide. Venus is retrograding in your sign, which may bring changes within relationships, community, workforce, resources, and services to one another. What do you truly desire? The choice is up to you. “The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.” Octavia Spencer

Cancer: Do you feel you are halfway there, yet still feel unfulfilled? What do you want to put your energy into? Stop second-guessing yourself. Start envisioning the kind of relationship you want to see forthcoming that brings you happiness. Look for growth in your work and personal affairs. Work with energy instead of going the opposite way. Things may happen quickly, so take a different approach to the news coming your way. What path are you willing to take? Navigate with discipline to stay focused on the outcome. Then keep moving in that direction until you reach your destination. “It’s not the love you make, it’s the love you give.” Nikola Tesla

Leo: Even though things are moving in the right direction, keep it moving. An adjustment needs to be made while someone from your past may reappear for closure or the passing on of information. Always trust your intuition to blend into your environment and destiny. At this point people will appear to distract you or guide you away from your goals. Have a clear vision to create your financial independence. Focus on the mission to advance yourself and your agenda. Live for the results to better your quality of life. Think in terms of abundance. Everything is energy. “Think about all the tomorrows of your life.” Walter Dean Myers

Virgo: The upcoming month brings everything into perspective for closure. It’s time to shed light on what is important. What is your spirit strongly communicating to you? It’s time to elevate yourself, and stop holding on to love, home, work, or any relationships that keep you stuck in the rut. Initiate the change and refuse to be held back any longer. Think, pray, and meditate on the decisions at hand. Expect this course of action to take you on a new journey. Stand your ground for what you believe in. The messages you are seeking will come in the form of dreams or perhaps a confirmation through innocent conversations. “You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.” Eldridge Cleaver

Libra: Thinking of a move, a change in your relationship, while being a service to the community? The more you focus on you, you’ll find family and friends needing your services. At this point in the journey, think in terms of mastering your craft. Are you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically equipped to evolve yourself to a new level? Take some pressure off of you for balance. Your dreams may be more colorful, just remember the reality of things may be manifesting right under your nose. With everything occurring, stay adaptable to the flow with a reset for your comeback. “The jungle is dark but full of diamonds.” Arthur Miller

Scorpio: Recently, you may have reflected on where you are currently heading. This will cause you to go within, bringing up challenges, only to find new insight. Your body is screaming rest. Headaches could come out of left field. Please get some rest, drink water, or go to a nearby body of water to refresh yourself where possible. People from your past may reappear to connect, offering you something or a suggestion to your project. Are you making some renovations within the home or workplace? Take time for self to recharge, to wake up energized and optimistic. “Wisdom means to choose now what will make sense later.” Tracee Ellis Ross

Sagittarius: Allow the cosmos downloaded from within to guide you on your endeavors. Consider what is emotionally feeding you. A sense of being alone to contemplate the future project ahead, perhaps? Give yourself permission to free yourself and take a needed break. We can’t change our past, so blaming others or those blaming you is not healthy. But you can change your future. It’s better to have a solution to the problem. Evaluate where your relationships are going and how you can build. Social aspects are strongly seeking information and ways to communicate to get your message out. Your mind may be a little foggy due to the fact that it is blazing with ideas. But that’s the point! “At the end of the day, it’s all about the story.” LaShana Lynch