Recently we have had the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. Both cardinal energies which represent initiative, change, and enterprising qualities. Coming into this world, we bring the duality of both the positive and the negative; past and present. The North Node denotes positive qualities to extend your life purpose, talents, and gifts you use to contribute to the world. The South Node denotes past behaviors and unwanted patterns that lead to the destruction of self. On the evening of June 4, the energy of the Nodes will shift South in Sagittarius and North in Gemini. Both are adaptable, flexible, versatile signs. Both signs love to learn and make a contribution. The full moon eclipse in Sagittarius emphasizes creativity, self-assertion, freedom—the freedom to voice your opinion. We have to ask ourselves how we can collectively evolve in peace for justice, freedom, and equality. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Barack Obama

Capricorn: The need for a change of scenery, along with a change in your environment, is key this week. It may be tense at the moment but hang in there. You are in for a reward, even as waking up every day is a “thanks” of gratitude. Be sure to set your intentions by planning out the details for the days and weeks ahead. Sometimes we have to go with the flow, then you’re able to see fit when it’s time to make the move. Things may be delayed, especially with all the retrograde energies going on. Then comes a lunar eclipse on July 4 in Capricorn to finalize this Capricorn/Cancer axis which occurs every 8 years. When you apply yourself, the results are due to follow. Stay focused! “The time is always right to do what is right.” Dr. Martin Luther King

Aquarius: Ring, ring, ring: this week may feel more like a favor for a favor, with all forms of news circulating word-of-mouth, spreading like wildfire. All forms of social media are off the charts. If your profession is in the media, things are increasingly picking up for you and in all avenues. Yet, you still have to take care of the home and make sure you’re equipped with what you need. Power moves are being made within the mind. Make the transfer then work, work, work until you see a finished product. You got this. “We now need to look beyond our immediate future and aim higher and farther.” Paul Biya

Pisces: Can you say, hold on…I’m coming home. Just like the weather, things are rapidly changing within the home and social aspects. Competence, confidence, and being committed allow others to know your contribution and the effects it has on others. Being consistent in your routine has its purpose to see your mission in hindsight. Allow time to exercise, rest, breathe, and do things that bring happiness to your life. Your immediate friends, neighbors, and family need your support as well as we need theirs to build one another up. We are all in this together. “One can’t be kind to one person and cruel to another.” Morarji Desai

Aries: Aries, you have the opportunity to complete a 360 degree to turn yourself around mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to stomach the changes now. You have to push yourself to see beyond the stars that are in alignment. Change occurs due to the need to let go, and stop holding on to something that has no life. Can you smell the roses? Stay in prayer, yet focus on the path that your elders or mentors have led you to. Allow the Aries moon on the 13th to guide you to see clearly while the new moon in Cancer on the 21st will aid you to digest the pain and headache to push through. “Ability is nothing without opportunity.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Taurus: Uranus is in Taurus, disrupting the energy flawlessly to make use of the changes needed to establish our own energy. We’re all leaders, healers, mentors, teachers, yet Taurus, you have the power to shake things up around here. This Uranus in Taurus period will allow you to see the forthcoming agenda, to better serve you and your people. Please allow for rest. At times you may be mentally drained, which causes the body to be exhausted. Family, work, and life itself will pick up, though nothing you can’t adjust to. You have help. You may hear secrets being revealed, truths coming out and most importantly, even though your vision is clear, your dreams are more foretelling lately. Drink plenty of water. “Ambition never comes to an end.” Kenneth Kaunda

Gemini: The heat is on and family is your priority this week. Remember, your health is your wealth. Incorporate an exercise program into your daily routine and put in place an emergency plan. It’s time to get serious about what’s knocking at your doorstep. Family affairs, home improvements, pregnancy, or a symbolic birth of a new idea has your heart and adrenaline going. Gemini, your mind is always racing about the next move, projects, and other adventures to come. This week take two days just to rest and have a few conversations with family, friends, or loved ones for advice. “Hard times may test me, they cannot destroy me.” T. B. Joshua

Cancer: Cancer, you have no time to waste, to sit there and contemplate what’s on your mind. There are too many moons this month in water signs to not write down your thoughts and feelings. Start that book, rebuild any relationships; even marriage is possible. What’s on your agenda? What took place since July 12, 2018, is coming back around June 20, when a solar eclipse occurs, which indicates a new moon in your sign. You have been through your ups and downs, highs and lows. This time around, I know you can sense it, feel it, smell it, which motivates you to jump out of bed and get to work. Your time is now to see the rewards. Even if you can’t see it yet. “When people are determined they can overcome anything.” Nelson Mandela

Leo: Keep grinding, because it is only going to get better this week. You should be very proud of yourself for taking the initiative to pursue what you are passionate about. Everything around you is in motion, yet some may feel at a standstill. That’s because growth and expansion take time. You have new assignments up ahead. You’ll feel it even more right around the evening of the 22nd. Get ready and stay ready. Calls, texts, and other messages are coming from all social aspects. You may find yourself gaining a few pounds so add an exercise regimen. This is your time for health, publication, marketing, and fitness. “Intelligence rules the world, ignorance carries the burden.” Marcus Garvey

Virgo: You’ll be pleased to know this week you happen to be in a money period. Money is coming in, especially around the 8th and 12th of June. Positive aspects occur when you apply yourself over time. Reflect as far back as mid-January to foresee what the big bang is about. Don’t worry, have no fear things will work out. Are you thinking about marriage or commitment to something or someone you love? If you have writing in mind, do so as Virgos love to write, be it a screenplay, TV series, or novel. It’s time to write those ideas down which you want to work on. “Achievement is talent plus preparation.” Malcolm Gladwell

Libra: Are you thinking about real estate? Buying and/or selling is a go for you. The possibilities along with the opportunities may have your knees and bones trembling from just the thought of it. Imagine having things in place as a lucrative part of the rebuilding process for the future. So, if you’re thinking on a grand scale, start the project rather than sitting on it. Be the CEO. You have the qualifications people need to shake things up and rebuild a nation. “Words are one thing, deeds are quite another.” Ivan Bunin

Scorpio: Scorpio, you have the moon appearing twice in your sign this month. One, on the 2nd, just three days before the full moon in Sagittarius. Then, again on the 29th of the month, accompanied by the New Moon in Cancer on the 21st. This should be an extraordinary month to get yourself together to come up with what you desire and wish to fulfill. Your emotions are running deep, which may cause the inner forces to become suppressed. Use the energy to pour love into your projects, whether it’s writing, crafting, counseling, or aiding your family, friends, elders, and your community. Do you have a green light? Decisions need to be made to make your mark. “Literature is news that stays news.” Ezra Pound

Sagittarius: Well, well, well, did you get some rest last week? If not, you may have a slight tender headache. Do you feel a tug-of-war between family and friends asking countless questions and your phone ringing off the charts? Last year, Jupiter was in your sign, which brought you friends and associates, along with new travels, a boost in finance, and a gainful insight into your network connections. Now, reflect on June 15, 2011, when there was a lunar eclipse, with the full moon in Sagittarius. Well, this cycle appears to be returning, bringing another move that adds another feather in your cap. Growth, expansion, and opportunities to a better future, will enhance your skill set with all the lessons included. Take advantage since this isn’t a jog in the park. However, you will be compensated in due time. “We are what we believe we are.” C.S Lewis