Trump’s autocratic, dictatorial tendencies are nothing new for Americans, particularly those who have experienced his wrath firsthand.

This week, in the wake of the national outrage over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a tragedy now deemed a homicide by at least one medical examiner, Trump has taken his rhetoric and insults to another level by unleashing his security forces against protesters. Then, in a manner of authority that bore the earmarks of Bull Connor of yesteryear in Birmingham, he walked to a nearby church and waved a Bible in a moment of bravado and triumph.

It was a brazen act that followed his words to the nation’s governors that they were “weak” in their responses to the protests destroying their cities and endangering the police officers.

His executive privilege had finally reached the pinnacle many feared, and the order was consistent with his former comments such as, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Suddenly, the toxic ingredient in his possession was added to the already volatile concoction of the novel coronavirus pandemic, unemployment numbers that are reminiscent of the Great Depression, and outrage from citizens about police brutality.

While much of this is familiar territory, not having a leader with any sense of compassion, empathy, and an ounce of human decency is something terribly new and unexpected. Instead of seeking ways to tamp down the explosions now ripping across the nation, Trump has fueled these paroxysms of discontent. His words, and now his deeds, are not what is needed in these turbulent times of distress and a nation on edge.

Yes, America is enduring an unprecedented convergence of trauma, and clearly Trump is not immune, but he’s responsible for calling the shots, both literally and figuratively. Most of his shots are of the lethal variety, and even more nowadays as he is terribly unmoored with only an urgency to shore up his political base.

He threatened to turn loose the dogs on us, which, to a certain extent, has been done. Since there is little likelihood we can smuggle him aboard the next SpaceX flight, we continue our chant that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!