There’s a precipitous dip in his popularity: according to the latest polls, the streets of America are flooded with marchers, COVID-19 continues to plague some states, the police are once again murdering Black men with impunity, the unemployment picture is as bleak as ever, and Trump is running out of people to blame.

Lest we forget, there’s still Obamagate and whatever conspiracy theories he can manufacture as he struggles to kick his re-election campaign into high gear with five months until the national showdown.

But his latest gambit is absolutely incredible. No, not his charge that the demonstrators are domestic terrorists, which is another absurdity, but that a 75-year-old man in Buffalo, who was forcibly shoved to the pavement by two police officers is “an ANTIFA provocateur” with the purpose of interfering with the police reminds us again that he sees behind his eyes not in front.

The video has been shown countless numbers of times with the elderly man stumbling backwards and hitting his head on the pavement with blood trickling from the wound. Meanwhile, a veritable platoon of cops pass by without attending to him. Even when one of the officers who knocked him down attempts to offer concern, he is pushed away by a commanding officer.

The first reports from the police was that the man had tripped and fallen, but there was no way that lie wasn’t going to stand up, and perhaps even this dawned on Trump’s harebrained options to tweet that the man “fell harder than was pushed. Could it be a setup?”

For Trump to see this for anything but what it was is just another indication of how far he is out of touch with reality.

His interpretation of the incident was very much in keeping with his comments about the economy and his preparation for a victory lap with an uptick in the unemployment index, even if it provided little relief for the nation’s devastated people of color.

Then, if that wasn’t enough twisting of the news, he had the audacity to say that George Floyd was looking down and smiling on the report. Of course, he was nowhere near the memorial services for Floyd that were held in three cities with his burial Tuesday evening, June 9, in Houston.

Rather than sharing in the nation’s grief, Trump was busy scheming on ways to drive a wedge in the Democratic Party, to keep his base fired up, and planning major rallies despite the bad news from medical experts that the coronavirus is by no means put down.

When the great Bob Marley sang about the bottomless pit, it could easily apply to the depth of Trump’s absence of human decency, his lack of compassion.

For two weeks now the marchers have been pounding the streets in protest of police brutality, but it goes without saying that some of that anger is reserved for Trump and now and then you can hear them shout “Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!”