How wonderful to see Trump take a step back on having his rally happen on Juneteenth Day. And it was a surprising delight that his Supreme Court appointee, Neil Gorsuch, joined the liberals in protecting Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sex.

In a vote of six to three, Gorsuch and Chief Justice John Roberts bolstered the ruling and undoubtedly flustered the man in the Oval Office.

“I’ve read the decision,“ Trump said, “and some people were surprised.”

He would have to be included among those stunned and staunch conservatives.

What wasn’t surprising, though, was that his signature on the executive order on police reform fell far short of the demands voiced by protesters from coast to coast.

His order stressed increased training of the police and an expanded data base to track misconduct. He demanded that police departments “adopt professional standards to serve their communities.”

Now, if he adhered to those same measures, especially when it comes to professional standards, observing human and constitutional rights, it would send a stronger signal to the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, he said that he opposed any legislation that would end immunity for police officers. Police departments, he said, were going too far in their attempts to appease the protesters.

In reality, they are not going far enough, nor is Trump, but to see any real reform from him would have been even more stunning than Gorsuch’s vote.

For him to state that the order was delivering “a future of safety and security for Americans” is immediately contradicted by his holding a rally with the virus spiking in Oklahoma.

A surprise vote from Justice Gorsuch is welcomed, but an even bigger surprise would be an answer to our demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!