By now you are aware of Trump’s latest tweet and his misspelling of history, punching it in as “hustory.” His blunders, as many Americans know, have been far more egregious and dangerous than grammatical errors.

This recent mistake, however, comes pretty close to blustery or a strong nasty wind from a blowhard with little significance.

The stumble may be the result of Trump reeling from a series of bumps, an accumulative total that could very well unnerve and destabilize someone already on the brink of complete derangement.

Negative bumps from various polls show him trailing Joe Biden by an increasingly wide margin, though, as expected, he refutes polls in the same way he dismisses warnings from his advisors.

The bumps that stand out are those coming from the Supreme Court which lately has not followed his course of action on DACA, Dreamers or on the status of the civil rights of transgender Americans.

A considerable bump continues to vibrate from John Bolton’s book, one of his former national security advisers who, among other things, charges that Trump is not fit for office.

And Trump is still doing all he can to obfuscate and blame the disaster he received in Tulsa on others where the preponderance of empty seats was the best evidence of his declining influence on his base.

For Teflon Trump these are momentary bumps, and we all know of his ability to find ways to rebound from even the most devastating setback, miscue or gaffe.

What we are waiting for is that decisive bump that may come in November when he is voted out of office thereby retiring our call that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!