As we move forward into the next six months, how do you view yourself in your relationships? A full moon in Capricorn on July 5 puts an end to the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse axis. It’s time to complete a 360-degree turnaround to heal, right your wrongs, unite, and make amends to build a stronger bond with your family. A little tender loving care can make a difference in the world if you try. It won’t be until much later in the year that Saturn will close the door in Capricorn, before moving into Aquarius. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you go back to someone from the past, think about how that person made you feel. Heal the relationship, then move forward. “You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” Nina Simone

Capricorn: This week may feel like you’re taking backward steps. Your memory has been jogged for you to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and you may feel a burning desire to walk away and leave it all behind. With the full moon in Capricorn, things may appear to be in limbo, with an up-in-the-air kind of vibe. Silence and stillness have always been your friend, Capricorn. Stay focused. You have a bright future ahead of you. “Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important than that.” Afeni Shakur

Aquarius: Money talks and bullsh*t walks. A favor or opportunity may come your way. Business will pick up swiftly this week, so rest up and take a deep breath. You’re going to need to rise early with the goal and intention of getting things accomplished by noontime. You will find much of your work is accomplished by then. Feeling the need to be loved or romanced? Treat yourself to a spa, or take a nice bubble bath or steamy shower, then relax in the womb of solitude. “When you’re older and wiser a lot of the ego has gone out of the window.” Billy Ocean

Pisces: Rock, ready, and roll is your mantra this week. It’s about feeling free and just going with the flow. If your friends or family members want to come aboard to join you in your affairs, let them. Otherwise, “let me be” is the thing. Don’t pull or try to hold on to anyone or anything too much. Financial gains, rewards or opportunities may also be in the offering. Take a stroll in nature’s surroundings. If not under restrictions in your area, go to the park, the beach, or even relax in the backyard under a tree. “I keep living life as it dealt with me. Sometimes, it’s not dealt 100%. Sometimes it’s dealt on the low 30s.” Bobby Womack

Aries: Changes are good if you want to grow. It’s about acknowledging your flaws and past experiences, to finally let go and put the kibosh on things. Mars, the planet of confidence and assertiveness, in Aries may boost your sex drive, putting it into high gear with passion and intensity. In the meantime, a desire to finish any outstanding projects can help in completing them. Money aspects, however, may be slow yet help is on the way, especially in the form of service if needed. “Wise is the tongue, wet of perfect thought.” Black Francis

Taurus: Mentally and physically, get your mind prepared for what’s to come this week. Carefully watch how you spend. It would be wise to keep track of your money, especially during the second week. A healing approach of some kind is required, like a massage, good conversation, or a trip to clear your mind. This week is also an especially good time to declutter your home, car, and anywhere else that needs a shedding, or simply give things away. “Whenever one is creating, one has to stick to one’s guns and just do it. That is all. Put your foot down and do not let your work be compromised.” Grace Jones

Gemini: Strive to be your best in all aspects of your life and affairs this week. Meeting up or reaching out to a loved one will mean a lot to them, even if it’s just a phone call. Spiritually and philosophically, your mind may appear to be in a trance, as if it’s all a dream. Being near water or walking on the grass to ground with the universe’s vibrations should be healing. You can’t go wrong by being a person of your word in this space and time. “It’s always by the way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” Marquis de Sade

Cancer: Wouldn’t it be nice to have money flowing and coming in all four directions at once? That may be the case in some instances. However, if not, staying afloat compared to this time last week will be more beneficial. You may ask yourself who, what, when, why have things occurred the way they did. You also may be asking how you can become a better person moving forward. Do you have a hidden talent that hasn’t yet been revealed to you? If so, I suggest you keep searching for what you are passionate about or love doing the most. “Stay true to who you are, even though that sounds cliché. It’s something important—doing what feels right for you.” Alessia Cara

Leo: How are your plans coming along? This week, expect some things to occur at the oddest times and moments of the day. One minute the flow is smooth, the next, busy by the minute. Start your day by taking a look in the mirror. And look at yourself honestly. Pick a day each week to take a picture of yourself to see how far you’ve come along. Sunday is the preferred day to start. Write down your goals and intentions and check them off as you complete each task one by one. “If I fail, if I succeed, at least I live as I believe.” Whitney Houston

Virgo: Are you getting all your members rounded up for a roundtable discussion? It’s time to put your game (BOSS) face on and then get to the business at hand. If possible, use a chalkboard or similar device to begin to see the beauty of your vision. If any worries or doubts cross your mind, quickly change the scenario by thoughts followed up by actions. This is your week to get in tune with your inner self. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to that person that’s been on your mind. “Don’t block your blessings. Don’t let doubt stop you from getting where you want to be.” Jennifer Hudson

Libra: What’s on your mind this week that you need to let go? What about finding fulfillment in another career? Where does your talent lie? If you have written an idea, a proposal, or given birth to an idea, now’s the time to complete it and get it off the ground. But it’s important to review the information before presenting it. Reorganize your home. Declutter those areas that require order and structure. Finances and other resources may become available to you if you need it. “I like to go against the grain, against what’s out there. Every day is like a challenge.” Wyclef Jean

Scorpio: Finances, a job, or career boost may be in the offering this week. It may come slowly, however, but right on time. Changes to any legal documents or obligations should be handled with care this week. A woman of influence could enter your life this month, looking for advice or to give advice. Downsize things like old clothes, shoes you’ll never wear again, nail polish, hair products, or any items that need clearing away. “When your parents regulate everything you hear and everything you intake, it forces you to get creative in other ways.” SZA

Sagittarius: Your schedule may be full this week if you’re trying to fit in additional appointments. Take a message and check your voicemail. It’s best to listen and then respond to those who seek your advice. It’s a good week for any kind of home renovations or even simply house cleaning. This is a good cycle to work on your appearance, such as a hair makeover, or getting that long, long overdue manicure and pedicure finally done. There’s no substitute to finally getting your act together, once and for all. “If you’re beautiful within, a person can fall in love with your spirit.” Angie Stone