Rallying his political base continues to be Trump’s main gambit to stay in office, though he has other rabbits that may be pulled from his heinous hat.

To a great extent, and to our satisfaction, the tactic backfired in Tulsa with a dismal turnout, and his plan didn’t do any better on the Fourth of July weekend at Mount Rushmore and the next day in the nation’s capital.

There is more than a hint of desperation as we move closer and closer to the national election, and if his numbers continue to plummet we can expect his authoritarian, right wing fascism to become even more an option than the current resort to a cultural war.

Standing up for statues, denouncing protesters, chafing at the calls for police reform, and totally ignoring the spiking of COVID-19 have done little to improve his polls among independent voters, who are sure to be decisive in the November turnout and overall count.

His charge that “left wing fascists” are ripping the American heritage apart is a pitiful defense for a so-called leader who has already torn to shreds the fabric of democracy.

For him to bellyache and bemoan the notion that protesters, a liberal horde, are conducting a “merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children,” are the very things he has repeatedly done since he took office.

He has not only defamed heroes, he has insulted ordinary Americans, some of whom are suffering from crippling disabilities, he has demeaned some of the country’s basic values, consistently defined the press as an enemy of the people, and most disturbingly he has repeatedly dismissed the few voices of reason in his orbit, especially when it comes to the pandemic that he has lied about and flaunted all kinds of dangerous remedies.

How utterly helpless we are in the face of problems on practically every political, cultural, economic, and healthcare front to have someone in charge with no sense of reckoning, other than a dead one.

To appeal to his base to come to their senses seems to be as futile as asking for Trump to experience an awakening to reality and a moment of human decency. So, given the chaos we are enduring, you can’t blame us for pleading that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!