At last we have about as close as we will get to a clinical psychological profile of Trump, and ironically it comes from his niece Mary Trump. One word resonates at the center of her conclusions about her uncle: narcissism.

We didn’t need Mary’s summation of that, but coming from a family member trained as a psychologist, it bolsters some of our conjectures about his dysfunctionality.

No, we have not read her book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and probably won’t find the time to probe it. But to have a niece conclude that her uncle is the world’s most dangerous man is more than we need to support the warnings we have been posting here since his inauguration.

Mary’s book, from what we can gather from the reviews and commentaries, is a cautionary tale, and that again coincides with our editorials. Each day we are presented with an increasingly more dangerous portent of his administration.

What degree of madness, at a time when the pandemic is spiking in just about every state in the nation, does Trump possess to demand that children be sent back to school, that funding for the World Health Organization be curtailed, that the nation is far ahead in testing and doing very well?

How could anybody in their right mind commute the sentence of a man as guilty as Roger Stone unless it’s compensation for his misdeeds, his withholding information that might have imperiled his friend of 40 years?

Last week the Supreme Court ruled that Trump was not above the law, but that decision is apparently useless when he has executive powers to pardon criminals.

Thankfully, he didn’t have the authority to infringe on his niece’s First Amendment rights to publish her book. And we are grateful that the Court is delivering a bucket of decisions unfavorable to the Trump administration.

If only the Court, and not the vice president and Trump’s cabinet, could invoke the 25th Amendment, deeming Trump unfit for office, then Mary Trump’s findings would be solid evidence.

Meanwhile, the narcissist keeps his post, though it doesn’t nullify our demand that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!