Nothing stops our Prevaricator-in-Thief from dispensing a barrage of lies, not even an interruption from the Secret Service about a shooting near the White House. That notification only delayed Trump’s profusion of false claims and historical inaccuracies.

Russia, China, fraudulent mail-in votes, the pandemic, and, of course, Barack Obama were among the topics he laced with misinformation, none more disconcerting and off-the-wall than his statement that Russia would not be happy with his election victory.

Contrary to Trump’s conclusions about Russia, the U.S. intelligence community says Russia is actively involved in hurting Joe Biden.

But to expect Trump to say anything approaching the truth about his relationship with Russia or Putin is wishful thinking. And the same can be applied to just about everything he said at Monday’s news conference.

Given the proliferation of information on the coronavirus pandemic we are amazed, but should not be surprised, that Trump could mistakenly date the nation’s first major virus outbreak in 1917. To make the matter even worse he claimed the virus “probably ended the Second World War.”

We got to keep Trump off the podium and nowhere near the classrooms of America with his poor understanding of American history. Let us hope that the current pandemic ends his quest for a second term.

Trump’s words on the mail-in fiasco in Virginia where a half million unsolicited absentee-ballots with wrong information were sent to voters is true, but this was done by a third party with no connection to either political party.

By the time he got to Obama, Trump still had another round of bad messaging to deliver, mainly about Obamacare, in which he said he had eliminated the individual mandate and thereby “ended Obamacare.”

Trump indeed did trim away the individual mandate, but that did not end Obamacare. In fact, the expansion of Medicaid for low-income people remains in place as well as the protections for people with preexisting conditions. Other key components of the insurance plan have not been removed.

Even more off the mark and ridiculous, Trump charged that Obama spied on his campaign in 2016 and he referred to that as “treasonous.” This accusation is as bizarre as it is outrageous since Obama did not seek the presidency in 2016 and did not “spy” on Trump’s campaign.

Tabulating Trump’s lies, which according to one source is more than 20,000, is an exhausting task and it’s much easier to simply suggest that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!