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There were three days of Blacknificent educational, cultural and socio-political presentations August 14-16th as Kujichagulia Inc. & United Front hosted the ‘100 Years in the Whirlwind” virtual conference celebrating the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Amongst the “Asante Sanas,’’ “Ase,” “Medase pas,” “Hoteps,” and “Peace Gods and Earths,” praise galore flowed at the end of each day and in between the lectures, presentations, spoken word and music. Co-organizer Bomani Mayasa told the Amsterdam News that they organized the conference because, “This is the centennial of the Red, the Black and the Green..and you only get one. This is the first international conference of the UNIA. We have been chosen to commemorate and celebrate it. It’s 100 years, and what is the plan for the next 100?”

There were 30 speakers from Africa, America, the Caribbean and Europe. The topics dealt with African-centered themes for education, activism, culture, economics, politics, art, international unity and building for the future.

“We are celebrating the 100 years since the Honorable Marcus Garvey gave us our Red, Black, and Green flag at the first global United Negro Improvement Association-UNIA conference meeting on August 1, 1920, at Madison Square Garden in New York City,” said Aleous Kujichagalia, another co-organizer. “We are commemorating that this is the centennial of when Marcus Garvey created the ‘Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World.’ They established the flag: Red for our blood, Black for we the people, and Green for our land. With his Back-to-Africa movement Garvey taught us ‘Africa for the Africans––at home and abroad.’ One God, One Aim, One Destiny.”

And hundreds of people from all over the world, and different walks of life, tuned in and many came back for the whole three days.

Yaa Baruti wrote, “Giving thanks to Brother Aleous Kujichagulia and Bomani Mayasa, the presenters and all the participants who made this celebration BLACKNIFICENT!!! ABIBIFAHODIE!!!”

Seems like conference participant Terence Gibel spoke for the hundreds when he stated, “Great event…..what impressed me the most was the unity of the message…responsibility, commitment and sacrifice was a constant theme…..awesome!”

Jonathan Born Jackson wrote, “Baba T’Shango Mbilishaka Medase for stepping in and giving us another full course meal of Afrikan resistance implementation war strategy.”

Gabriel Swahili summed up the thoughts of those who registered, logged on and joined in the diaspora community-based audience. “Sisters and Brothers, asante sana, thank you, for this powerful conference! Brother Aleous Kujichagulia, Brother Bomani Mayasa, asante sana, thank you for putting this together! Garvey is proud! One Destiny!”

He added that the conference was overwhelmingly successful. With programming running ten hours-plus each day. “When we ran three rooms concurrently, they had about 80 viewers a piece,” the international community was treated to the best scholars, master teachers and committed activists. Examples of speakers and topics included: Baba Mwalimu Baruti, “The Axioms of Garveyism: How we must analyze, synthesize and utilize for our sovereign liberation;” Mama Yaa Baruti, “A Sankofan view to find our way home;” Marcus Kline, “The importance of Garveyism in Afrikan centered education in the 21st century;” Sutek Amen Ra, “Black economic empowerment: a fool’s gold or a fool’s goal…100 years later;” Knowledge Born Allah, “Do Tha Knowledge Radio;” Dr. Iya Adjua, “The significance of spirituality in raising autochthonous Afrikan youth as an expansion of acclaim;” Dr. Phile Chionesu, “Maatic Epoch;” Kween Jasira, spoken word.

Amsterdam News Editor Nayaba Arinde was also one of the presenters with guests Ghana-based Muhammida El Mohair from Waxprint Media, and Senegalese international journalist Diabel Faye. With a listening party for their new ‘Harriet’s Shotgun,’ album, and a two hour set with all their old classics, United Front/Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik provided the revolutionary soundtrack during the weekend. United Front said they delivered exactly what they assured in the beginning,

“We guarantee ‘100 Years in the Whirlwind’ will educate, motivate and inspire each of us to be our best selves as we move forward to create a reality where Afrikan children have the opportunity to grow and actualize their truest Afrikan potential.”