Keisha Green (296160)
Credit: Ebony Porter-Ike photo

A life-altering accident changed Keisha Green’s life, but she says that God gave her a purpose to inspire and guide people.

Born in Syracuse, N.Y., Green was raised by a single mother. She grew up in poverty but also in a family-orientated household. She dropped out of high school because she got pregnant with her eldest son at 16 in 1999 and couldn’t find any daycare services for him; she obtained her GED in 2001. In 2010, she relocated her three sons and family to Atlanta.

In 2013 her life changed when Green experienced a car accident that left her as a bilateral amputee. When she experienced the accident, she knew she lost both of her legs. For her it wasn’t about the accident, it was more of what she was going to do moving forward as a mother of three sons.

“For me getting through it I really had to trust God and be willing to learn things and do things differently than the way that I have done them before,” said Green. “Just because I was used to doing them one way didn’t mean that I wasn’t able to accomplish them in different ways.”

Her health care workers said she was in a coma and on a respirator for two days, but Green believes she was “with the lord” and that God gave her a glimpse into her future journey and she heard him say, “Your legs are not strong enough to carry you into next season.”

After awakening from her coma, she figured out her God-given purpose which was to impact and inspire people. “I believe that God has given me the gift to be able to brand from broken and take things and use them at a different capacity, to not see the negative in them but to see the positive in them,” said Green. “I get to live life everyday very differently but successfully and to be able to show the world that you may be different, but it doesn’t mean that it’s over for you.”

Since 2013 Green has become a life coach, author of two books, and a real estate investor focused on providing luxury properties for the amputee community. She owns two commercial properties—a salon suite and a medical spa in Atlanta—and is the founder of Legless and Wheelchair Divas. She is currently building a successful salon suite webinar and is extremely excited to help women start their business in the salon suite and spa industries.

Keisha Green is a perfect example of not letting challenges and fear prevent you from your goals. She is an example of a hardworking woman who may be different but is motivated to achieve her dreams.