Credit: Bill Moore photo

Rallying in front of Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle, Manhattan on Saturday, August 15, 2020, the December 12th Movement (D12) declared it National Reparations Day. A variety of organizations across the nation held “Reparations Now” events.

Activist-attorney Roger Wareham noted, “Demonstrators will confront our continuum of racist oppression and genocide from the initiator of the African MAAFA to its most prominent current representative.”

Under the banner, “The stole us, they sold us, they owe us,” protestors reiterated their demands: 1) a declaration that the trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery was a crime against humanity; 2) reparations are due the descendants of the victims of these crimes against humanity; 3) recognition of the economic basis of racism.”

D12 organizer Shaheed Muhammad said, “In this summer of 2020, the Black Liberation Movement is at a critical point. The government’s response to the COVID pandemic and its propagation of the white supremacist pandemic have been devastating to us and made it clear that their agenda is to ‘disappear’ Black people. We are no longer a profit-making vehicle for 21st century finance capital.”

The list of organizations and individuals who endorsed the National Reparations Day included: National Black United Front, the Nation of Islam, N’COBRA, AAPRP, Haïti Liberté, Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, POP, CEMOTAP, MOVE, Struggle La Lucha, Rev. Herbert and Rev. Karen Daughtry, Fr. Frank Morales, Rev. Robert Waterman, NYS Assemblyman Charles Barron, NYC City Councilmember Inez Barron.