We know you might be having some cooking fatigue during this pandemic. You might not be admitting to it in the grander scheme of world events, but it is a thing.

According to NYC’s SWNS Media Group survey conducted by OnePoll, respondents are cooking an average of nine meals a week. This has caused 55% to feel drained by all the at-home food preparation. And, get this, the average respondent has cooked the same exact meal 28 times since the start of COVID-19.

With respondents reporting they enjoy cooking, though they wish it was less time-consuming, perhaps it is the economy of scales as to why we gravitate toward the same dish. The more we make it the less time it takes to think about, shop, prep and cook.

Most of us, two-thirds says the survey, are making fewer visits to the grocery store, with 69% of Americans feeling limited due to lack of fresh ingredients at home. As a result, one in two respondents are eating more takeout and delivery for a cooking break every night, for which some believe they are eating more unhealthily.

AmNewsFOOD hears you! We are going to start a series, name TBD, with recipes from us, our chef friends and you at-home cooks too, of dishes that can be prepared once and then stocked away in your freezer. Start sending yours in to us at AmNewsFOOD@schopnyc.com.