To get the traditional bump and boost from the GOP national convention Trump, as expected, is resorting to every trick in the book, every tactic and gambit under the sun, several of them bending and possibly breaking the ethical norms by using the powers of his office to promote his bid to retain the Oval Office.

As more than one commentator has noted, Trump’s pardoning of Jon Ponder, the bank robber turned activist, was one highly publicized move on the second day of the GOP convention, and the timing of the event, with Ponder tearing up, was nothing short of a political stunt. And the action pairs well with the other African Americans and their comments on opening day.

Even more blatant, Trump offered congratulatory remarks to five new U.S. citizens during a naturalization ceremony. For a man who has consistently assailed minorities and ethnic groups, be they foreign or otherwise, this was an apogee of hypocrisy.

The don of distraction is up to his usual hoodwinking all prompted by a looming defeat come November. We suspect that if there’s any awareness in his camp of the recent polls that show him trailing decisively in key battleground states that may be the reason there’s been a shift in campaign spending. Some of the decline in spending on television ads and other media outlets perhaps is an overreliance on the exposure Trump and his team banked on getting from the convention. But other than his overt appeal to Black Americans the convention has no spark, not even from the First Lady.

Another part of the Trump strategy, particularly in his appeal to his ever loyal base, is to stress how he has empowered the economy, but he has put forth no plan to improve the economy, much like his ineptitude on dealing with the unabated COVID-19.

With no surcease or flattening of the virus, Trump is faced with the dilemma of another widespread lockdown, and like the situation occurring now in many European nations another shutdown would further divide the country and plunge the economy even deeper into a new recession.

We don’t anticipate any serious discussion of the current problems—no answers for the spread of violence, excessive and often lethal force by the police, unhinged unemployment, the coronavirus pandemic, or global warming and climate change now raging in fires and storms. There is no such word as Trumperfidy but when his name is combined with a word about deception then we need to add it to the dictionary.

Still, more than tampering with the dictionary let’s continue our march to mess with the White House incompetent incumbent, and to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!