The family of our beloved, longtime theater critic Linda Armstrong wanted to surprise her for her birthday, which falls on September 6, and we were more than happy to create space for this beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday, Linda! We love and value you, and are blessed to know you and work with you. – The AmNews staff

To our mother, Linda:

You are who we define as the pinnacle of greatness, from your warm and caring disposition that you grant the world, to the love that you spread through your smile and green-eyed gaze. You are the guiding light that shines on everyone around you, from you lending an ear to listen, to your superpower of bringing comfortability to vulnerable situations. You have truly proven that human beings are multi-faceted, as you claim so many titles and wear them all so well.

Thank you for being a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a journalist and adoptive mom to all of our friends and to all the fur babies that come across your lap, but all the titles in the world couldn’t define or thank you properly for just being you. You, the beautiful, kindhearted, always giving, expressive, talented, strong woman that you are. Thank you for the reminders that being ourselves will always be where the soul flourishes. Thank you for supporting our dreams and being in our lives! We hope that this is a reminder to you, that we support you, we love you and appreciate you for you. You mean more to us than our words can ever truly express, but we hope that this can give you a glimpse of our undying love.

On this birthday, we pour into you love, gratitude, protection and appreciation, just some of the elements that you have bestowed upon us over the years. We love you today, tomorrow and forever. Happy Birthday!

With love,

The Armstrong Family