The last couple of days of August moving into September suggest auspicious energy is likely to be felt within the cosmos alignment. Start your day with a healthy ego, mixed with a spunky, positive attitude. Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, goes retrograde September 9th, lasting until Nov. 13, 2020. So reflect on what has occurred from June 27 up until now. Global protests, arguments, fires and explosions, gun violence, numerous accidents, and the people enraged and fired up. Mars energy is passionate, egoistic, furious, and warrior energy. A positive trait is a self-defense, martial arts, protection, passion, dreams being fulfilled, and assertiveness in productive ways. Let’s find better ways to be a leader within our household and communities, states, and countries for unity. Besides, with Aries squaring Capricorn now, it’s best to work your way through structure and discipline while the Sun trines Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, allowing a way out to get through this present condition. Keep a pair of jumper cables in your car for just-in-case purposes.

Capricorn: Focus on what you can complete at the moment and don’t take on more than you can carry. The structure is needed along with a routine to stay in place. This week’s cycle suggests the importance and truth being revealed, along with self-discovery. Don’t hold yourself back anymore. Balance your emotions as this will be a busy week, dovetailing into the remainder of the year. Read a book, relax, or get into a related program. Take up a study that holds your interests to aid in your repertoire of self-mastery. Reach for the stars and uplift your spirit to dance to your beat.

Aquarius: Release all things that seem to be overwhelming that could result in cloudy judgments. Take a pause; be in the present moment, and sense, see, and feel what comes to you. Meditate in the morning and at night. Establishing some meaning, order and structure are the main ingredients. Carry a pocket notepad to do an inventory and create a financial checklist. A breakthrough is on the horizon, and with Saturn on your side, you can’t go wrong when you follow through with persistent actions and deeds. Remember, the idea is about taking it to the next level.

Pisces: Do you believe in magic? In the miracles that it brings? This month may have a sense like the pieces on the chessboard, moving on their own to King and Queen you. Apply your analytical mind and research application symbolically to see the results. You’ll find the natural causation will open up and grant you your wish. A spiritual breakthrough will come about around the 7th to 12th of the month. So, dive in and find those hidden treasures.

Aries: Aries, you’ve got to get your act together! Pull up your bootstraps and tie them tight. This includes your waist belt; and ladies, pull up your bra straps and put your big girl garments on. It’s time you understand that people have boundaries and so do you. You just can’t walk on through and make demands without a fuss or a fight, or a disagreement. Center yourself first. Tune and stay balanced before you approach a situation or show up. Are you tired of the same runaround and no feedback with the same outcome in a different way? It’s time you check yourself before you wreck yourself. Leave wiggle room for the unexpected since Mars in Aries can be impulsive and unpredictable at times.

Taurus: It’s time you put your game face on if you haven’t already. The decision or choice is up to you. Remember the direction you’re heading in will steer you en route for the next eight years. You’re setting a foundation, and don’t be surprised if awards or recognition come your way due to those who admire your work and passion. You have a grand heart with room for growth. Take the lead. Be the director, the CEO, the chief or commander if you have to. Be the King or Queen of your soul. Don’t hold back, but unlock the doors as an entrée into new beginnings.

Gemini: You have to be hungry enough to go after what you desire this week. But leave the ego and overconfidence at the door. Otherwise, you may run into challenging situations around the evening of the 8th to the 12th. Who are you trying to impress anyway? You have work to do. It’s about service or a story that you’re passionate about. Be proactive about your life and understand the reason for past pains and sufferings. It’s for your growth, to teach you a lesson. Change the energy and think positively to create a better environment. Let it go, and let it be. It’s not your problem to solve. What do you now lead into next year? So think about the decisions you’ve made thus far. What’s in your best interests at heart is what counts now.

Cancer: As of this week’s cycle, you’ve learned a lot about relationships, responsibilities, and aiding yourself; even being your life coach. It’s not every time people will be there to help or bail you out. It’s time to reflect on your work, health, and home. How have you communicated and treated the ones you love, including yourself lately? Commit yourself to something that will benefit overall. It’s about your well-being for the remainder of the year. This will help you be balanced and keep your appearance intact. Look in the mirror, we are a reflection of one another.

Leo: Work diligently to perfect your skills and communicate more to make those needed connections to advance you to the next level. You’ll probably meet a lot of people through word-of-mouth and referrals. Continue to take note and exchange emails, contacts, and maintain some form of outreach while mixing and mingling. Using visualization is another way to interact with people. Expect opportunities to come your way just before the 21st of the month. Try not to overthink, and allow things to come to you organically. Sometimes you have to free yourself to see what lies ahead.

Virgo: The universe is asking you are you ready to transform and let go of the old habits, to go after your dreams? Don’t you feel it deep within? For one moment, put your emotions on hold to understand it’s not about you. It’s more about you helping others on a universal scale and connecting the dots while planning for the new journey ahead. Get ready to write a new chapter in your book of life and explore new avenues. The feeling is real.

Libra: Sometimes we get comfortable or settled on what we’re used to receiving. But it’s time to get uncomfortable; to put yourself in a more stimulating position, in a new direction under new management. This is not the time to allow last year’s influence into this cycle for a new beginning. Imagine living in a new house, or driving a new car, a fresh scent, or an amazing product, It’s about handling your affairs with a new perspective on life. It’s up to you to decide because the doors of opportunities swing both ways.

Scorpio: Please don’t hold yourself back at all. Go for it. Have a plan along with a checklist to start your day. You don’t want to take up too much space, nor waste time on looking and doing nothing. You have to apply yourself and make it happen. Put a pause on your emotions for a day or two and gather your thoughts and get it together. Opportunities knock so act fast. Don’t ask why, what, when, and how—just apply yourself, act with courage and confidence, and it’ll happen.

Sagittarius: This has been a very detailed period regarding your work, partnerships, self-awareness and at some point, a remarkable development. Focus more on inner peace within yourself, for past experiences have taught you a valuable lesson and, in return, knowledge to help those who suffer from a similar condition as yours. Stop allowing your thoughts to hold you back and move forward with the plan you’ve envisioned since late last September. Go with the flow of energy without any reneging this week.