With his rhetoric laced with venom and accelerant, Trump is on his way to tempest tossed Kenosha, a visit that the governor and mayor of the city have asked him to reconsider.

Asking Trump to postpone, delay or set aside his presence in this volatile location is tantamount to asking a moth not to flitter near a flame. His main purpose is nothing more than another move to appeal to his base, to show those voters that he is still in charge, still as out-of-touch and reactionary as ever.

He has expressed no real concern to tamp down the turbulence or the clashes between protestors angered by the shooting of Jacob Blake and so-called protectors of property, and there’s no indication thus far that Trump will see members of Blake’s family.

Trump is a messenger of discontent and purveyor of prevarication, which has its most recent example in his exaggeration that fires have consumed the city of Portland. In both a literal and figurative way Trump is quick to take advantage of disaster and twist it to his benefit.

Each day as we barrel toward the close of the presidential election, Trump finds a fresh insult, another incendiary distraction to let the world know how unconcerned he is about the pressing realities of today. The numbers continue to mount on the pandemic front and Trump treats it like a mission accomplished. He has ignored this crisis in the same way he neglected the environment, unemployment, and the daily occurrences of brutality from the nation’s police departments, unless of course there is an opportunity to exploit the abuse or excessive force on his own behalf.

We certainly understand how perplexing all of this is for the American people, particularly for those charged with the responsibility to find answers, to propose solutions.

To some extent we are not exempt from that growing mass of folks who just want to throw up their hands, wondering how such incredibly bad ineptitude could arrive in a supposed leader of our country.

At this stage of the dilemma some are questioning whether we can make it to the next election before a new calamity occurs, and nothing could be more distressing than the outbreak of combat between segments of our increasingly divided society.

The only consolation, perhaps the only resolution, to the impending tumult is that it won’t be long before we can head to the voting booth to register our collective complaint. Even so, we remain wedded and committed to the idea that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!