History has been made. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have announced their intention to establish full diplomatic relations, which is really just another way of saying they are prepared to reach a peace agreement. This remarkable deal was brokered by the United States, courtesy of the one and only President Donald J. Trump.

Those who have clucked their heads disapprovingly at President Trump’s ambitious plans to reshape the Middle East in a peaceful manner now look terribly foolish. For Israel and an Arab country to form a bond such as this, announced in a joint statement that sets the stage for a series of future collaborations between the two states, was unthinkable not long ago.

There were those who loudly and publicly questioned Trump’s plan to explore peace through improved relations between Israel and the Gulf States, and they were not few in number. But this is proof positive that his Middle East policies are smart, and they are working. Following Egypt and Jordan, the UAE will become only the third Arab country to establish formal diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

In exchange for this peace agreement, Israel has agreed to shelve for the time being its plans to annex the West Bank, which is rich in Biblical history and Israel’s birthright, according to many people of faith. What was the Palestinian reaction to the UAE and Israel reaching out in friendship to create a more peaceful region?

It was as predictable as it was appalling. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, currently well over a decade into what was supposed to be four-year term, decried it as “treason.” The Palestinian ambassador to the UAE is being recalled in protest.

Unfortunately, this is a typical response for the Palestinians, who have rejected every peace offer that has ever been brought to them. While Israel is seeking out peace agreements, the Palestinians continually self-sabotage, refuse to come to the negotiating table, and then shake their fists in outrage as the world moves forward.

For the Trump administration, the Israel-UAE peace agreement is a victory of epic proportions. Trump understands that the biggest threat to global security and stability is Iran. Ties between Israel and the UAE will create an alliance that serves as a powerful counterweight to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, which seeks regional hegemony based upon a radical form of Islam more befitting the Dark Ages than the 21st century.

Whatever disagreements Israel and the United Arab Emirates may have today or in the foreseeable future are dwarfed by the specter of a nuclear Iran, and both understand that they will be stronger to counter the insidious regime together than alone.

The United States, under the leadership of our president, has shown that it can be a successful broker for peace. The possibilities are now endless. With the UAE ready to make peace with Israel, this could lead to a range of other moderate Arab states seeking to follow suit.

When Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, it did not take long for other countries to follow suit. In a televised news conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu theorized that the same would happen here. Trump told White House reporters that he expects that more Arab countries will follow in the footsteps of the Emiratis.

This peace agreement should not be underestimated; it has the potential to permanently alter the entire dynamic in the Middle East for the better, creating a coalition of nations united against Iran. In addition, the UAE will soon reap a host of other benefits from improved relations with Israel, ranging from improved health care to agriculture to technology and beyond.

It is now undeniable that President Trump is the most pro-Israel president who has ever sat in the Oval Office. Let’s review. He moved the Embassy to Jerusalem after two decades of U.S. presidents needlessly delaying the move. He recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is crucial for Israeli security. And now, he is at the center of a historic peace deal that will quickly and completely reshape the region.

Diplomatic ties between Israel and the UAE are worth celebrating. And people around the world who seek a more stable and peaceful tomorrow owe Trump a debt of gratitude.