Armstrong Williams (26543)
Armstrong Williams

With the conclusion of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, there was one aspect of the RNC convention that truly stood out, and that was the diversity of the speaker. With the media continually painting President Trump as racist or racially insensitive, the first night of the RNC convention showcased something else, and so did the stories told by the speakers.

It was titled “The Land of Promise,” highlighting America’s promise to all who seek to work for it, and that is a future where one’s dreams and aspirations can become a reality. It wasn’t a promise that all people will equally succeed, which is what Democrats promise; instead, it was a promise that America will always be a place where you have an opportunity to succeed, not a guarantee of outcomes, but a guarantee to partake in and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.

As America’s cities burn to the ground, a result of violence spreading all across the country under Democratic leadership from Portland all the way to high-crime cities like Baltimore, Black and poor residents will be impacted the most. As Republican Congressional candidate Kimberly Klack noted in her speech, “I am asking you to help President Trump complete this great American comeback, and then I’m asking you to help me complete this great Baltimore comeback.” President Trump understands as HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson pointed out in his speech that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and that is his promise to Black Americans and all Americans.

Contrast that with the message from Democrats, and all we heard was that President Trump is horrible, racist, and not good. Yet, they laid out no detailed alternatives to President Trump because the reality is they don’t have any. Their only message is Trump is horrible, so elect us, but Black Americans shouldn’t fall for it. After decades of voting overwhelmingly for Democrats, urban cities all across the United States remain in shambles. Crime is high, poverty remains high, and education remains third-rate. Why in the world would anyone continue to vote for a party that spouts promises they rarely deliver on? Why should Black Americans fall for this “Trump’s a racist, so vote for us” message?

I’m in no way saying Donald Trump is perfect—he’s far from it, and he certainly has his share of problems; however, what the Black community needs and needs now is economic independence, so that as a community more Blacks can chart their course. Higher incomes generate more tax dollars for better schools, libraries, and other shared public services such as transportation.

When people are making a good living, they’re able to afford after school programs and extracurricular activities for their children. These opportunities are to build character, discipline, and teach children the necessary skills to be successful in life.

Economic freedom will permit more African Americans to become homebuyers, thus building and strengthening Black wealth and creating generational wealth that can be passed on to future generations.

Black America must wake up and get out of personality and look for real results that can make a difference in the lives of everyday Black people. You don’t have to like Trump, that’s fine, but let’s look at results. Trump was able to sustain Obama’s economy and expand and grow it even further to heights that no one honestly expected. This led to the lowest Black unemployment ever recorded in American history, and although the country is going through the coronavirus pandemic, Trump can once again restore America’s economic engine.

Trump has outlined a robust plan to get Americans back to work, which will benefit all Americans, notably Black Americans. If given a second term, the Trump administration will work with the private sector and government to foster an environment that leads to the creation of 10 million new jobs in 10 months. He plans to cut taxes to boost take-home pay, which will put more money into the pockets of those who need it most.

You’re not free until you have economic freedom, and the reality is that most Black Americans do not. Most do not have enough in their savings for an emergency or good enough credit to purchase a home, and that must change if Black Americans are ever to prosper. No other group in the United States gives 90% of their vote to a single party because there is strategic leverage in not doing so, and Black America must understand this. It’s not about liking Trump, who cares if you do, it’s about the results that we have and can continue to have under Trump that should be a priority to Black Americans. Ask yourselves this, out of everything that Democrats have promised and continue to promise, why haven’t they accomplished it before? The results speak for themselves. |