There is no way to determine to the penny how much money Trump has in his campaign war chest, and this is an increasingly pressing issue as the Biden camp rakes in donations and outspends his opponent almost 10 to one, particularly on television ads.

Trump is considerably distressed nowadays about reports that he disparaged the military dead, and now comes word of financial woes and that he is pilfering his campaign budget to pay personal and family legal fees.

He has not denied any of these claims, boasting that if need be he can do like he did in 2016 and pull the funds from his bank account.

His continuing insensitivity to people and their critical needs, be they fiscal or physical is a gnawing concern for millions of Americans and he just shrugs his shoulders, shapes his tiny fingers, and looks around for something he can take credit for, no matter that it was not of his doing.

The war dead at Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere cannot respond to Trump’s demeaning comments, but we can, though it’s becoming harder and harder to find the imbecilic words to match his behavior and actions.

One of our colleagues has defined Trump as an incorrigible lunatic, and therapy and an asylum are the only answers.

Well, we have a few suggestions of our own to remedy his reckless disregard for all things human and otherwise. And while we are glad Joe Biden is beginning to step up to the plate and take a few vigorous chops at his opponent, he needn’t do anything lest he trip over his tongue. Let Trump slowly self-destruct, let him toss in destress over accusations, and let his financial woes morph into something even graver.

As we approach the November finish line we know that Trump, however distressed and reeling from accusations, is by no means defeated. He may be for the moment deflated, but his outsized ego and ways of arousing his political base—to say nothing of voter suppression—are things we must be forever mindful of and take nothing for granted.

Still, there is one thing you can take for granted that we here at this outpost will never cease to bellow that to Make America Great Again––Trump Must Go!