The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many people to put in more time or even start a small business. While Amazon is often a go-to place to sell products, a group of parents wants to compete with the online retailer and give the profits back to communities of color.

The concept is called NYC Market, which recently launched its website ( The online public marketplace plans to sell everything from clothing, grocery items and household items similar to Amazon. All profits go to fund infrastructure development and social welfare programs, including universal care, housing, income and education.

Items currently for sale on the site include branded merchandise and apparel designed by NYC-based artists. More items will be sold later.

NYC Markets was started by NYC Enterprises, a collective of for-profit companies. The company was founded by local parents whose goal is to transform the New York economy.

“It’s time we take control of our own NYC destiny and achieve economic justice for all,” said founder Danielle DePalma. “Moms are an extraordinarily powerful force in New York City. They make real change happen. We’re activating the mom networks to help us mold our vision and make it a reality.”

Filmmaker and former NYC mayoral candidate Michael Tolkin is also a founder of NYC Markets. In an interview, Tolkin said that one of his plans when he ran for mayor was to upgrade the city by creating a new model. He’s working with a handful of vendors and wants to bring on more.

“Vendors are excited,” he said. “They get to get their product in a marketplace on a higher level competing with the big guy on behalf of the little guy. This is a new paradigm economic model in the 21st century and if it can work in New York City, it can work anywhere.”

Tolkin said that NYC Markets wants to give its profits to organizations that support what he refers to as “CHIEF” (Care, Home, Income, Education and Freedom), specifically neighborhood improvement projects and social welfare programs.

“The end goal is to create self-sustainment that delivers income to all New York City residents and invests in infrastructure,” Tolkin said. “As our economy grows so will our revenue and our ability to invest more in our people. We want to build a trillion dollar plus business.”

Vendors interested in having their product on NYC Markets can email