Not even a worldwide pandemic can stop Harlem from shining. On Sunday, Aug. 23, Harlem Shake adorned Miss Harlem Shake 2020. Congratulations to Kay Angrum!

Born and raised in Harlem, Kay Angrum is a reporter, producer and host of “Listen Up,” a daily news show on NBC 4 New York. Kay earned a B.A. in broadcast and digital journalism from the University of Southern California.

In light of the pandemic, owner Jelena Pasic maintained this annual tradition “to celebrate resilience of New York and its people.” She continued, “While we sacrificed some of the usual glam to the final event, we exceeded in the substance of what Miss Harlem Shake is all about: cherishing and supporting our community non-profits.”

I asked Kay what she plans to do during her reign. “My goal is to get folks involved in our community by organizing and promoting local events to ensure we bounce back from this pandemic stronger together,” she stated. First up on her list is “getting people registered to vote ahead of the upcoming election.”

Kay received $1,000 worth of free burgers for a year and $500 donated to a charity of her choice. Kay’s beneficiary is her alma mater, Cristo Rey New York High School, and their Resilience Fund to help address financial challenges faced by families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about the Resilience Fund and to donate, visit