If anything, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden wanted to make sure the East Coast of America knew he wanted their vote. One labor union wanted to assist him in that journey.

This past Saturday, Sept. 19, the cleaners, airport workers, security officers and other property workers representing 32BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) volunteered to take part in a mass phone bank effort to bring more voters to the polls. As part of that effort, 700 union members alone devoted their time specifically to the battleground state of Tennessee.

“Joe Biden has the strength of character than can bring us out of the trouble we are in now,” stated Reva Aber Butler, a Western Pennsylvania-based school cleaner and union member. “Underfunded schools and the pandemic have put the failing of this administration in a stark light. Joe Biden has what it takes to turn things around.”

32BJ SEIU endorsed Joe Biden for president in July stating that the former vice president would make it easier for workers to join unions and would commit to attacking systemic racism and exclusion.

As essential workers from Black, Brown and working-class communities ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, 32BJ members are committed to helping drive a sensible, compassionate leader like Joe Biden into office.

In 2016, President Donald Trump won the presidency in one of the major political upsets in the country’s history. Only after Trump took Pennsylvania did it sink in that he would emerge the victor. Whoever takes Pennsylvania is likely to take the presidency. Biden wants the state to return to blue after it chose a Republican for the first time in the previous six presidential elections.

Kyle Bragg, president of 32BJ SEIU, said that it’s imperative that Biden take over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“The members of 32BJ—essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis—are proud to support Joe Biden for president,” stated Bragg. “Joe Biden will fight alongside us to protect essential workers who have fought on all fronts of our national crises from cleaning and security to airports. All working people are essential and we need a president who will do what is essential for us. Joe Biden will be that president. We’re ready to turn our outrage and energy into votes.”