We knew going in that the debate between Trump and Biden would probably be only another opportunity for the occupant of the Oval Office to spew more venom, tell more lies and assure his base that he was just as obstreperous as ever, that is, loud and uncontrollable.

But as boisterous and combative as he was, neither Chris Wallace nor Joe Biden cowered under his stream of outrageousness, his outlandish claims, and his plan to bully his opponent into submission.

It was a pitiful showcase of Trump’s bellicosity, his pugnacious demeanor that is a substitute of a man with no meaningful plan to govern or to serve.

One more plank of the democratic process America claims was splintered leaving us a little less to stand on or to proudly present to the rest of the world.

Trump has run roughshod over the standards observed by most Americans in his determination to eradicate every vestige of the previous administration—and Biden is the most visible and current reminder of it.

How sad it is to learn that millions of Americans found the event intolerable, many claiming they turned away and were unable to endure 90 minutes of absolute nonsense, even if Biden found a moment or two for calm and sensibleness.

If we have to sit through another round of inanity, let us hope that we have a team of moderators on board to offset some of Trump’s talking over his opponent, ridiculing the process, and generally delivering insults and misinformation.

Ending the debates is only one request on our agenda—it’s time to end four years of pure madness, and thus we say once more to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!