Jesse Valmir (297862)
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Jesse Valmir, 24, is an aspiring fitness trainer who loves to help others reach goals that were once unobtainable to them. Though he officially started booking clients in February earlier this year, Valmir has always had a strong passion for fitness. “I started out with playing basketball when I was younger, then I just kind of fell into working out. It was natural for me,” says the Queens Village native who is of Hatian descent.

That overall love for fitness resulted in others wanting him to assist them on their own journey, and him gladly doing so. Valmir emphasizes that fitness is more of a lifestyle than anything else. “Working out is 20% and eating is the 80% that is really important.” In short, he states that the way you eat is much more important than the workouts. He leaves food advice more to the nutritionists; however, he does help his clients come up with meal plans depending on what they are trying to achieve with their bodies and overall health.

The first thing he does with his clients is ask them questions to see what they are able to do with their bodies. “I ask what their goals are. Then I start with cardio to see what their strengths and weaknesses are.” Some of the startups include going on the treadmill and doing sit-ups and squats while teaching clients the proper techniques and forms.

When the individual gets used to one workout, Valmir stresses the importance of increasing the challenge to grow muscle and burn fat. “After a week if someone can walk one mile, the next week would be two,” he says. “You add on to what they can do.” He advises that people stay away from processed meat and any types of foods high in sodium. “Your diet is very important to your workout. You can have a great workout but going to eat fast food would defeat the whole process,” he says. “You are what you eat. White meat, vegetables, no high sodium.” He also advises staying away from greasy food and pork.

Aside from being a part of the fitness world and training people, Valmir also works in the financial district. His future goal is to own his own gym one day and continue helping people reach their goals when it comes to fitness and their overall health.