Pan African flag (290133)
Credit: Public Domain image

“‘The Prophecy of the Prophet: A Revolutionary Revival’ is our October Kommuniversity where we will continue the collective work of Pan Afrikanism by bringing Afrikans together from all over the world,” said Florida-based teacher Aleous Kujichfagalia. We will assemble once more to teach and disseminate information that is specific to Afrikan people everywhere.

“In addition to teaching we will be sharing, cultivating and beginning the process of developing an authentic Black social theory, geared toward our ReAfrikanization process. Our October kommuniversity will celebrate, commemorate, educate and unify Afrikans all over the globe under the banner of self-defense.”

In August, Kujichagalia and Bomani Mayasa’s Vanguard United Front hosted the “100 Years in the Whirlwind” three day virtual conference, which brought together dozens upon dozens of speakers from all over the world.

Declaring that “Afrikans here in the United States, Canada, Europe and Afrika are forming a virtual united front,” Mayasa said, “We are excited that some of the most brilliantly beautiful Afrikans will be participating in this collective work of learning, sharing, cultivating and beginning the process of developing an authentic Black social theory.”

Kujichagalia stated, “It is guaranteed that ‘Prophecy of the Prophet: A Revolutionary Revival’ will educate, inspire and motivate each of us to be our best Afrikan selves––as we move forward to create a reality where Afrikan children have the opportunity to grow and actualize their truest Afrikan potential.”

Determined to equal the success of their Marcus Garvey-honoring “100 Years in the Whirlwind” conference, Kujichagalia said that the “Prophecy of the Prophet” which takes place October 17-18, 2020 will “affirm and confirm: a positive Afrikan-identity;” featuring over 40 world-renowned Afrikan-centered scholars, with over 30 far-reaching master-level course lectures. For more information log on to their website WWW.DTC1.ORG