Trump, as he puts it, has “stared down COVID-19,” and boldly asserted that the American people should not let the virus upend their lives. All of this comes in the wake of someone who has brazenly exposed the disease to hundreds of people, including the infection of attendants to the Rose Garden event for Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Even before leaving the hospital, he took a motorcade around the facility, waving at a crowd of supporters and well-wishers, to both ensure them that he was okay and that they should continue to abide by his ignorant conclusions about the coronavirus.

As soon as he was back at the White House he defiantly peeled the mask from his face and tucked it in his pocket as if to tell his base that he maintained his position of not wearing masks, and that to do so as Joe Biden continues to do, was being a wimp.

There is still a lack of transparency about Trump’s bout with the virus, and his medical team insists that he is still not out of the woods, though his thinking has been eternally mired in the wilderness. Many Americans are hoping that he’s gained some insight on the menace of the disease that shows no sign of flattening enough to allow a full opening of the nation’s schools and businesses.

Moreover, he’s already mentioned that he was ready to get back on the campaign trail and to proceed with the second debate, in which his antics were a dismal flop.

His strategy is to stick to a plan of downplaying the virus, and that means he hasn’t learned anything about the pandemic and it may have even further empowered his arrogance and imperial decorum. And heaven knows how he will respond to the doses of medication he has received, each one indicating that his condition was much worse than initially reported.

Whether ailing or back from the grip of the virus, Trump remains just as intolerable as ever, and to think that he may still be not fully recovered presents a grave danger to any within a perimeter of his bullhorn.

Not wearing a mask or exercising any of the other precautions was a recipe for disaster. “He was just asking for it,” one of our most senior citizens said, who knew first-hand how the pandemic ravaged the nation a century ago.

Well, be careful what you ask for, which by no means stifles our request that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!