Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there are opportunities available to advance to the next level if you’re optimistic. Set the tone of what you want to achieve and apply yourself each day. It helps if you change the dialogue of the way you operate your business and your personal relationships. It’ll bring a unique and radiant flavor to something you’ve been missing or looking for to add value. Reach out to relatives, friends and family members to check in or have a visual phone conference to see each other face-to-face. “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Muhammad Ali

Capricorn: Leave wiggle room in your schedule to reflect near a body of water this week if possible. This can include taking a bath, soaking your feet, washing dishes, or if you have a swimming pool, getting into an a.m./p.m. routine of taking laps. It’ll work wonders for the body. Perhaps consider taking a sabbatical leave from work for the purpose of rejuvenation. Remember to take care of yourself first. Your wealth is in your health. Your dreams or visions may be foretelling; the truth of the matter is revealing itself to you. “Trees and plants always look like the people they live with, somehow.” Zora Neale Hurston

Aquarius: You can call this week a slam-dunk because you’ll handle everything in a timely manner. Try not to let people drain your energy by keeping you on the phone, or in conversations that take up your time, talking about mindless nothings. Instead, ask how you can be of assistance to expedite their concerns. Money owed to you, borrowed from you, or even an overdue paycheck is on the way to you. Massage your feet and back to relieve the tension in your body. “The only way to get a thing done is to start to do it, then keep on doing it and finally you’ll finish it.” Langston Hughes

Pisces: Have you been thinking of meeting someone new that suits the qualities you are seeking in a relationship or business? Well, this may be the week to do so. Also, rearrange your home or relocate your workspace for more comfort. Perhaps some form of setback may occur or limitations, reorganization and reviewing details can be up in the air this week. Make decisions after everything has been reviewed at least twice to be sure. “Sometimes I sound like gravel, and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream.” Nina Simone

Aries: Some form of news is traveling to your doorstep this week. It may be an opening of an opportunity that relates to your business to land a deal. Expect your plans to change, things could either spike or decrease due to obligations that need to be fulfilled. Are you thinking of investing in a bigger team to help get the job done? Or do you have a grand idea that you need to jot down before you lose your train of thought? Just make sure you verbalize everything and write things down so there’s no miscommunication or misunderstandings. “Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou

Taurus: This appears to be a great week for a short getaway trip from the hustle and bustle of life, even if you’re the boss. Taking timeout to re-energize is the main wellness key component to regroup yourself. This is a good period to start looking for a home, a new job; perhaps starting a podcast, maybe even teaching a class. You name it. The air of abundance is here to grant you your wish if you believe you’re ready to have it. And Taurus’ usually are. “I am hoping that on this year of the family we will go into our families and reconcile differences.” Minster Louis Farrakhan

Gemini: If you lost something you should be able to locate it this week despite the fact that Mercury, your ruling planet, is now going retrograde or backward. This year you’ve been taking the lead to get what you deserve out of life. Well, how does it feel? That’s the energy of a leader. Check in on your health and massage your ankles and back. If you can sit in the sun for 10 minutes, then by all means do so. “Do not desire to fit in. Desire to oblige yourselves to lead.” Gwendolyn Brooks

Cancer: This week you’re in the driver seat after things seemed to have been up in the air last week. Yes, rise up and feel alive to initiate things on your time this week. Don’t just jump up and start fast, causing your heart rate to spike a bit. Get things in order and make the best of the situation this week by starting something new yet different. Have the strength to be determined, to persevere with the objective of meeting your goals. “We wear the mask that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes––this debt we pay to human guile; with torn and bleeding hearts we smile.” Paul Laurence Dunbar

Leo: People are taking in the message that’s spreading fast about family, the workplace and other concerns. You may feel like you’re the people’s therapist or the consultant to both women and men who solves issues including your own. This is health week so it’s best to drink plenty of water and look for signs of possible inflammation, or other underlying conditions, to the ears, nose and throat. Stay on task and follow up on scheduled appointments. “Art is not escape, but a way of finding order in chaos, a way of confronting life.” Robert Hayden

Virgo: Keep your word on your deliverables, and just know you may have a few glitches along the way. But that’s OK. It just makes things more interesting for the cause of the reason. Your words this week will leave people in jaw-dropping mode. That’s because of your aspirations, expectations, and the way you articulate words of wisdom and encouragement to others, keep faith alive to walk in your purpose. “A day I don’t learn something new is a wasted day.” B.B. King

Libra: New beginnings, new friends, and new people are on the agenda this week. Maybe even when out and about going shopping; there are those you might possibly encounter without giving them a second look, yet they’re taking notice of you. Advertise, market your service or launch a social platform, like adding honey and lemon to the tea. Don’t wait, act now while the iron is hot. “The negro wants to be everything but himself. He wants to integrate with the white man, but he cannot integrate with himself or with his own kind. The negro wants to lose his identity because he does not know his own identity.” Elijah Muhammad

Scorpio: Informational news may quickly come your way regarding a family, friend or co-worker this week. Things seem to be constantly changing and you may find yourself making short family errands to help out. Your help is appreciated. Be sure to check your bones and joints because they may be sensitive to the air at the moment. Wearing an additional layer of clothing could help for protection against the elements, or just put some compression socks on your feet to keep the circulation flowing. “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

Sagittarius: Huge rewards are forthcoming this week as long as you complete your end of the bargain. And that shouldn’t be a problem. Schedule a meeting with your team for a quick update to discuss the details or solve issues that now can be fixed. At the same time, with your opposition planet of Mercury going retrograde this week, lasting until the 3rd of next month, it’s in your best interest to double-check. . .no, actually triple check your plans before all is said and done. Remember to read the fine print wherever your signature may be required. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the sunset stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie