October surprises, or should we say, October obnoxiousness is sure to multiply the closer the presidential race gets to the finish line, particularly from the Trump camp as his deficit behind Joe Biden mounts. According to one recent poll, the lead has increased to 17 points with little over two weeks left to make up the difference.

Among the ways to close the gap is to resort to pulling an old habit out of the hat, meaning, summoning a former doctor to double down on Biden’s mental acuity. t’s nothing new about the number of nasty insults from Trump about Biden, but now Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, has been enlisted by the campaign to offer his medical opinions, which he said were just his conclusions as a citizen.

“He’s had trouble articulating words,” Dr. Jackson told reporters on a conference call. Biden, he said, had trouble pronouncing Thailand, calling it “thighland” and Yosemite as “Yo, Semites.”

But if the team wants to resort to mispronunciations and errors of fact, they are vulnerable to a glossary of mistakes by Trump, and some of them are spiteful and well-intended such as his consistent calling Governor Whitmer of Michigan “Half-Whitmer.” And the name-calling and misogynistic rhetoric may have been a signal for the right wing gang’s plan to kidnap her.

If anyone’s mental capacity is questionable, perhaps Dr. Jackson should be scheduled for an exam. There is no need to dig into Trump’s twitter account to note his countless gaffes, confusion and ignorance. It may be useful enough to rely merely on the conclusions reached by Trump’s sister and niece, who both wrote that he is unfit for office.

No presidential candidate in recent memory has mangled the language and ruptured his thoughts as much as Trump and we can never underestimate the stupidity of a leader who refuses to listen to his medical team about the virus, and then becomes a victim himself. Again his ignorance and obsession with power has placed millions in jeopardy.

Given the positive indications for the Biden-Harris team we may be nearing an end to our column, though it’s not time to rest on our laurels or to shut down the cry that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!