These last three and a half weeks might have you feeling like you’re at a fork in the road. Which route are you willing to embark upon, since every step seems to pull you forward or backward? The fact of the matter is this: you need to release what you hold on to for dear life in order to move forward with the present cosmic energy. Assistance is there if you need it. Some form of mental, physical or spiritual breakthrough is on the way. You have to go after what you want; you can’t keep running around in the same circles expecting something different. “It’s been a long time coming but know a change is gonna come.” Sam Cooke

Capricorn: This month to date may have felt like pulling teeth with a slight tug of war between work, routine and family matters. Take things step-by-step now due to the caution of the energy in the air. When you work with your will’s power and remove yourself from the situation, the flow is better. Continue to improve your affairs, then handle what comes promptly. You have the vision to foresee the outcome of things to come. Some form of a sudden or unexpected reward, windfall, offer or even home improvement may show up in your upcoming forecast. Most importantly, this week, apply yourself. “Just do what works for you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently.” Michelle Obama

Aquarius: Help or some other form of information may come from another source this week. It may be a friend or neighbor, memories from the past, or thoughts that sparked ideas of joy to your well-being. Get into a physical routine or maybe something you started yet never finished. Have someone prepare dinner or prep meals for you for a few days so your body can recuperate. Also, start writing that book or podcast, and lend a helping hand with words of encouragement to help someone walk in their purpose. Love and kind words warm the heart and renew the soul. “The function of freedom is to free someone else.” Toni Morrison

Pisces: It’s time to get things in motion. You may want to wait to sign any paperwork until after Mercury goes direct Nov. 3. If you can’t wait, at least reread the fine print and follow your intuition. Sing, dance, jump for joy and don’t indulge in so many sweets, nor doubt your self-worth. You know what you can bring to the table so start applying your input to make a difference in plans. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

Aries: Although air and fire can make for a beautiful blend, too much can cause a disaster or burn down the house. If you want people to notice you, you can go about it gracefully. Remember, Mars retrograde in Aries is helping you to solve dilemmas; in other words, get what it is off your chest. Talk it out; maybe you’ll find a way to work things through. Please don’t do it in a secretive way to only have it backfire on you. Ask yourself, what does your heart desire? Fix the matter at hand or else no one agrees or gets heard. Take a look at the actions and patterns that brought you here to this very moment. “Fix your eye forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.” Tom Clancy

Taurus: Get ready to rock and roll. Things are getting better, as they should. Sometimes you have to weather the storm or endure the hurt or disappointments and realize the situation wasn’t for you, and you know that by now. Step out with a smile since you are more than rejuvenated. A relationship, love commitment, and self-healing or home renovation are occurring during this week’s cycle. The small cloudy changes that previously had occurred have disappeared, so look and feel your best. The sunshine is within. “Nature never breaks her own laws.” Leonardo da Vinci

Gemini: People have always helped you, and you’ve helped them in times of need. Sometimes though, you rely on people to do things you know that you yourself should handle. This week is in the process of teaching you to take care of your own needs and take the lead. You know how to do many things; it’s important to start doing them for yourself. Put your mask on first, then handle your affairs, and you’ll see how much of a burden is being lifted off someone else by fulfilling your own needs. Pull your weight and seek advice from others if needed. “Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what GOD has done for us.” Lauryn Hill

Cancer: The year so far may have put more pressure on your health, relationships, work and home environment. What changes have you made to your dietary needs or commitment to yourself to feel better? Sometimes, we allow other people’s issues to become our problem when they don’t even help themselves. And in that case, help is not needed, so protect yourself at all costs. You’re your first responder, so treat yourself with care, love, patience, and know other people genuinely love you and will support you. “The way to right wrong is to turn the light of truth upon them.” Ida B Wells

Leo: Managing work, family and your schedule this week may feel dreadful at times. However, come back by staying focused and taking the initiative to care for yourself. Don’t let others mentally exhaust you and wear your body out. Put those kinds of people in check and put them on a need-to-know basis. Have a loved one massage your back to ease the tension. Even though your help is much appreciated, your body will thank you for taking a moment to finally rest a bit. Mentally and emotionally pull yourself together set the tone for the new beginning ahead. Utilize the power you have within you to continue to make way for yourself. “You control your own life. Your will is extremely powerful.” J.K. Rowling

Virgo: Don’t let the changes you experience mentally leave you tired this week. Jogging, walking or some form of cardio is necessary, and communicating and connecting with like-minded individuals with the same goals is the plan. It’s time to take the lead with ideas or ways you can improve yourself and stick with them. Opportunities are within arm’s reach, including people to converse with to help solve an issue or chances to help those who may mentally feel stuck. “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

Libra: Love, dedication and your devotion to others are at a high this week. Including ups and downs, or even up-in-the-air moments. Success comes before you know it to reward you with some accolades. If you need to separate from someone do so because it’s healthier for the heart and emotions. If not, there’s likely to be a toll that suggests you need to pull yourself together. Look your best even when you don’t feel it and know that others appreciate you. In retrospect, look how far you’ve come to accomplish what you’ve obtained so far. “Art allows people a way to dream their way out of their struggle.” Russell Simmons

Scorpio: At times, we’re not proud of our decisions or actions due to the emotional energy attached to them. A decision needs to be decided through midpoint when you come to a crossroads and are running out of options. At that point, we find ourselves and begin to turn things around for the betterment of self and others. Have a conversation when the time comes. You can’t keep holding on to something or someone that doesn’t want to be bound anymore. Search within before you throw it all away or say your goodbyes. Your friends and family are there to support you as always. “Wisdom means to choose now what makes sense later.” Tracee Ellis Ross

Sagittarius: Easy on the gas or going overboard helping everyone else but yourself this week. Finances, rewards of some kind, and a sense of faith restoring the community with vital information regarding their concerns are featured. You have the spark of motivating energy, yet also a lazy side this week for getting to what needs to be done that you’ve put off in the past. Just make sure you review important matters before submission and review the facts before helping someone out. It could be a sticky situation; you are unaware of the details. You have a busy week ahead and a big heart full of compassion to help those in need. “Strong women don’t merely birth children. They cultivate them to render service.” Mammie Till-Mobley