No one is immune from Trump’s virus of pugnacity, not even Attorney General William Barr or Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine, Ben Sasse of Nebraska or John Cornyn of Texas, and certainly not Dr. Anthony Fauci.

All of them have either voiced disagreement with Trump on various policies, most egregiously on his mismanagement of the pandemic, or failed to adhere to his wishes such as Barr’s reluctance to investigate Hunter Biden.

The attacks, like his efforts to distract the American public, are part and parcel of an unhinged madness that has bedeviled him for years and becomes more glaring and evident as he anticipates a loss in November.

A critical question now is whether his onslaught of the democratic process will continue beyond a final losing result if he refuses to vacate the White House. And such a scenario has become a talking point on the pros and cons of TIP (Transition Integrity Project) authored by such individuals as former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and political consultant John Podesta. Demonstrated through their several exercises is a concern for fair elections and blocking Trump’s attempts to retain office if defeated.

We are witnessing a grab bag of tactics by Trump to retain power, and his refusal to abide by election returns with Biden as victor is far from being a farfetched conclusion. There is no need here to itemize his irrationality—just take a cursory glance at his tweets and a stark-raving racist demagogue is on full display. Early we were worried about an incipient fascist administration; unfortunately that concern has been manifested time and time again.

Almost to the point of exhaustion, we are thrilled that we are at last near the finish of our complaint about Trump and his recklessness, but we heed the words of Joe Biden—this is not a time to be complacent. There is still some unfinished business on the agenda and it will appear on your ballot if you are not among the 30 million who have already cast their vote.

Yes, we are asking you to exercise your democratic right to vote, but at the same time bring your common sense in to play and vote Trump out of office, and that would be in accord with our call to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!