Credit: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

As the presidential election nears the finish line with less than two weeks in the race, Democrats may be getting a shocking October surprise as Trump rants against fellow Republicans. Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska is Trump’s latest target after he slammed the president during a call with constituents, suggesting that Senate Republicans face a “bloodbath” in the coming elections, and that Trump “kisses dictators’ butts” and “flirts with white supremacists.”

In his response to the charge, Trump called Sasse “little” and “the least effective of our 53 Republican senators.” He said the senator was “rather stupid and obnoxious,” and “an embarrassment to the great state of Nebraska.”

If Sasse’s predictions are true, it could be a devastating turn of events and give the Democrats control of the Senate, in which a gain of three or four seats would give them a majority. Thus, the down ballot, like the presidential race, is equally important.

Sasse further noted in the call his concern about Trump’s stupidity causing women and young voters to desert the Republican Party.

“If young people become permanent Democrats because they’ve just been repulsed by the obsessive nature of our politics, or if women who were willing to still vote with the Republican Party in 2016 decide that they need to turn away from this party permanently in the future, the debate is not going to be, you know, ‘Ben Sasse, why were you so mean to Donald Trump?’” Sasse asserted. “It’s going to be, ‘What the heck were any of us thinking that selling a TV-obsessed narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?’ It is not a good idea.”

The riff between Trump and Sasse may be of consequence in Thursday’s final debate between Trump and Joe Biden. Unlike the first debate that was more a debacle than anything else or the second one with each candidate at separate town hall sessions, the final one, according to the Debate Commission, will mute candidates’ mics at the start of each segment.

Biden and Trump, under the new rules, will each have two minutes of uninterrupted time at the beginning of each 15-minute segment. After that they can discuss issues with each other with both mics open.

At first there was some hesitancy from the Trump camp about the new rules, but now they are on board with Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, stating, “President Trump is committed to debating Joe Biden regardless of last minute rule changes from the biased commission in their latest attempt to provide advantage to their favored candidate.”