When it comes to the truth, Trump practices social distancing, getting as far from it as possible. And the only time he wears a mask is when he’s hiding from reality. No mask and a cascade of lies prevailed recently at a speech in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. According to one tabulator, Trump told 130 lies in less than 90 minutes.

His prevarications, a mixture of exaggerations, half-truths, and unadulterated misinformation or disinformation, are delivered at such speed there is no way his listeners can process them and fact check them.

These moments before vast audiences of acolytes are the bedrock of Trump’s campaign stops and the Biden-Harris team must be very vigilant about these tactics that are meshed with an army of boots on the ground voters.

To date more than 60 million votes have been cast, and if it’s true that most of them belong to registered Democrats, then Trump’s prospects become even gloomier. As expected, Trump disputes the numbers and rallies his base with his own set of numbers, none more off putting than his spiel that we are turning the corner of the coronavirus pandemic.

He wasn’t a minute into that speech in Wisconsin before a lie leaped full blown from his pursed lips that when compared to European nations on the uptick in COVID-19, the U.S. “is doing well,” he lied.

In fact, we are experiencing more cases and deaths per capita than any major country in Europe except Spain and Belgium. Viewed from another perspective, the U.S. represents 4% of the world’s population, but has nearly one-fourth of the global deaths from the virus.

No, Trump, we are not doing very well and according to the latest numbers things are getting worse by the day.

Even more troubling, his events, conducted without any regard to the disease’s contagious implication, only fuel the outbreak—these are super-spreading moments for the nation and its well-being.

The only way out of this mess is to get Trump out of the way and effectively unleash mandates to secure the safety of millions of Americans.

It is pointless to challenge Trump’s lies this late in the game. Fact checking has shown that he is immune to the rebuttals, immune to nearly everything but the virus, and we are still in the dark about his contraction of the disease.

Trump continues to protect himself with a shield of lies, but the truth is on the way and on Nov. 3 or shortly thereafter, he can rest in his bed of lies and we no longer have to say—Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!