Last year in the Assembly we passed the Early Voting Bill which allowed over one million New Yorkers to cast their ballots early in this general election. For those of you who have not yet exercised the franchise, November 3rd is your day.

For those of you who think that your vote does not count. I am here to speak to you! If your vote was worthless people would not have spent centuries trying to keep you from voting. Voting is power! Every vote in every election counts.

This election is a monumental battle in an ongoing war to protect healthcare, women’s rights, LGBTQ Rights and to dismantle the racist, sexist, and classist systems that have plagued our country.

We have seen that the powers that be are using race and divisive tactics to fracture America. We must stand firm and come out and vote in the 2020 general election. The President is only one of the choices you have on this year’s ballot, local elections are another. All politics are local and politics is not a spectator sport. The President of the United States plays an essential role in our country’s democracy but so is your Congressional person, your Senator, your State Senator, Your State Assemblyperson, to which I am one, your city councilperson, your Mayor, your Borough president, and so on.

Every single vote counts in a local election. We have had State Senate seats lost by as little as six votes. We have council district seats that have been won by as little 18 votes. So when you think that your vote doesn’t count, think again. Every single vote counts towards our goal of ensuring that we have leaders who advocate, care and understand the community needs to which you live.

When you look back on this day, make sure that you participated in making an impact not only for you but also for the future of your family, friends, and community for generations to come. One election sets the path and trajectory for years to come. Let’s own the vote this General election and in every other election!  Your vote is your voice! VOTE!