Uh-Uh. Just when we thought we were composing our final MAGA, it was “not so fast.”

No, we didn’t think it would be a landslide victory for Biden, as a few pundits were predicting, nor did we expect the race to be so close that the final count would be put off indefinitely. The main reason for the delays is the massive turnout, mail-in votes, absentee ballots and machine snafus.

Trump has used the hold-up as just another notch in his belt about a flawed and rigged election, taking a victory lap while the count endures.

This is no surprise to many, and even some GOP stalwarts are troubled by his claim to have won when the count remains inconclusive.

It’s disheartening to think we may have to suffer through four more years of his absolute disconnect from the realities of the day, none more disconcerting than his response to the lethal pandemic.

That plague continues to mount each day, and our anxiety will be increased if Trump comes out on top again. We can only hope that the number of African American votes are sufficient to rule the day in several metropolitan areas and offset the rural and other votes from Trump’s base.

A Trump victory would once again let us know-how far we are from true democracy and how close to a dreadful fascism. You would have thought that a dose of Trumpism would be enough to say, “no more.”

We certainly don’t need another drop of Trump’s madness to realize the terribleness of his regime. Been there done that, but far too many Americans seem quite satisfied downing the Kool-Aid.

There is still a path to a Biden victory and the possibility that this is our final MAGA. If not, our fight against his rule resumes and we are determine to say Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!