Jalil Abdul Muntaqim (295677)
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On Oct. 30, former political prisoner-of-war Jalil Muntaqim, 69, had a warrant issued for his arrest by Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Dooley’s office for allegedly committing voter fraud. Some of his supporters suggest that the efforts to reincarcerate the respected Black Panther elder are “politically motivated.”

Having been denied 13 previous times he was finally paroled from Sullivan Correctional Facility Oct. 7 after being incarcerated half-a-century for the May 21, 1971 murders of two NYPD officers in Harlem, despite much protest from the PBA. The DOCCS’ risk assessment application, COMPAS, scored Jalil as having the lowest risk for recidivism.

A statement from his supporters reads that the DA’s office “issued a warrant against Jalil with charges for which no one in the state of New York has ever been arrested or indicted. This attempt to reincarcerate an elder still recovering from COVID-19 does not work in the interest of justice, public health, or public safety.”

As such, supporters have mounted a petition drive to combat this attempt to reincarcerate the Black Panther activist.

The statement continues: “The DA’s calls are outrageous, unprecedented, and come on the heels of a petition by Bill Napier, chairman of the local Republican Party, to prosecute Jalil for voter fraud. These charges are politically motivated, senseless, and a waste of taxpayers’ money. None of the people in Monroe County who oppose Jalil’s release know him; they believe that anyone convicted of a serious crime should never leave prison.

“Whether or not one agrees with this sentiment, Jalil was released from prison according to the lawful procedures of this state. Jalil has scrupulously followed the instructions given him by his parole officer. In fact, hundreds of faith leaders, community members, elected officials, academics, legal experts, and civil rights organizations in Rochester and throughout the State of New York oppose this politically motivated effort by the District Attorney.”

While the allegations have yet to be established, there is a petition campaign to avert this sudden attempt by the state to take Muntaqim back into the concentration camps of N.Y. State.

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