Walter Beach (298849)
Credit: Facebook photo

In 2014 I published “Consider This,” my third writing “The Sting Of The Whip” is currently at the press.

“The Grateful Slave” was pinned in 1992. Given the present climate, I want to revisit “The Grateful Slave”––consider this.

Let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlighten[ed] or unenlighten[ed]! All the grand designs and all the grand plans will be exposed and reveal what they are!

The underlying psychodynamics of the ‘collective psyche’ of the European American Imperial Colonial experiences, which impacts the Black African American genocide survivors are “magnified suffering” from COVID-19 disproportionately!

“The Grateful Slave”…. the notion that one race is superior to another race is at the core of racism! Prejudice and inherent exaggeration of racial differences is what gives racism its essence! Practices of racial discrimination, segregation, persecution, demonization, dehumanization and excessive violence based on color or race is racism! The ultimate, invalidation and denial of human value or worth based on the theory or doctrine of race must be acknowledged and abandon[ed].

“The Grateful Slave”….the conclusions derived by me, compels one to examine the dynamics of rejection! Those Black African American ‘genocide survivors,’ and non-white Americans who internalize the European American Imperial Colonial Hegemony, will be excluded and deemed a deviant by the very same group that has contributed to the development of a ‘false self!’ Experiencing ‘false self’ can lead to internal confusion and disconnection! The European American Imperial Colonial experience will ostracize the very people it has created!

Who do you want to be, other than who you are? All self-destructive behavior has pathological roots externally sourced, adopted and driven by white supremacy racist Euro-Ethotic environment!