Biden and the Democrats beat Trump and the Republicans because Black people came out in record numbers to vote!

Despite the fact that over the decades, Biden and the Democrats did nothing seriously to combat poverty, police terrorism and a myriad of issues afflicting Black communities in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta, Black people voted in record numbers to give Biden and the Democrats the victory!

Three of these cities are in critical battleground states that Biden won––Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Atlanta turned the traditional Republican red state of Georgia into a Democratic blue state! This is what gave Biden the victory!

The democrats have a history of using, abusing, and taking the Black vote for granted!

Biden, you owe Black people big time! You should pay up in your first 100 days in office by declaring three presidential executive orders! (1) Pay us our Reparations! (2) Allocate billions of dollars to combat poverty in our beloved Black communities! (3) Free our political prisoners! That’s just for starters! By the way Biden, you don’t need congress for this!

As for me, I’m going to continue to win local seats of power with our grassroots Black radical political movement Operation P.O.W.E.R. (People Organizing and Working for Empowerment and Respect)

Black people stay woke! Let’s not go to sleep like we did with Obama! Don’t forget Biden’s racist history! Hold him accountable!

We must stay mobilized, but more importantly we must organize for power! Remember, our struggle may be long, but victory is certain! All Power To The People! Revolution is the Solution!

Charles Barron is a member of the New York State Assembly, he represents District 60.