Alas, we got what we asked for: Trump has been defeated but he remains in office, at least for 70 or so days.

In effect, he’s still in place to wreak havoc, to upset the democratic process, to unnerve the electorate with his complaints and charges, and to even fire people as he did the other day with the dismissal of Mark Esper, the secretary of defense.

We can expect more vindictive moves on his part as he continues to wail and boil in anger over losing the election.

Like the truth, Trump cannot accept defeat, particularly when it comes with an astounding victory by his opponent. He had avoided impeachment, squelched lawsuits, and sidestepped a sundry of sexual assaults allegations, but now with a reckoning from the populace his fate is sealed, though there is no concession at the moment and probably won’t be one in the future.

But that’s okay, he still has to pack his bags and skedaddle, and the new arrivals can fumigate and exorcise the demons from the White House and get on with the business of rectifying the things Trump did in eliminating the positive advances from the Obama years.

Our exhalation continues, especially rejoicing with the historic ascension of Kamala Harris. Her position could prove to be even more significant if the Senate ends with a 50-50 split, somewhat mirroring the nation’s ideological divide.

We are still weathering four turbulent, uncomfortable years of the Trump regime, and the residue of his demoralization may take a generation of restoration.

Ah, but the menace is on his way out, banished to where the tweets from a twerp will have no meaning on the body politic—we hope.

Yes, the celebration is one we have been longing for since the promise presented by Mrs. Clinton and it’s good to know that the political knee is gradually being removed from our necks.

Welcome aboard, Joe and Kamala, you soon will have control of the ship of state, and we believe you have the skills and decency to get us out of the current quagmire and on to that glistening port, that shining hill.