The 1990s. Unlawful drugs and illegal guns were everywhere. The homicide rate skyrocketed. I mean, murder after murder after murder after murder. The robbery rate quadrupled. The stick-up kids would stick up other stick-up kids. The police had to police the police because the mayor was getting high off his own supply.

And just when you thought that things couldn’t worsen, there were police officers who were moonlighting as gangbangers. I remember one cop/crook in particular. His name is Charles Smith. This particular lawless gang-banging police officer received his letter of acceptance to the police academy while stewing in the Prince George’s County jail.

Once released, he cooperated with the courts; snitched on his drug supplier; and then was awarded a badge, a gun and a uniform. No worries. Eighteen months later, he was rearrested on some other obscure and criminal obscenities.

In short, the city was rampant and raging. There were no vaccinations for the crack epidemic. Let’s just put them all in caskets and/or cages. And then let the dead bury the dead. Most Americans do not approve of such human carnage. Or, so I thought.

That is until the other day when I saw platoons of Proud Boys and other mischievous yellow belly militias occupying and marching down a peaceful yellow brick road leading to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Their intent was clear: Voter Intimidation and Suppression. You know, a blast from the past.

Fortunately, voters are/were not intimidated. No, not at all. I guess like most Americans everyone is going to have to get past the past. Or, better yet, stand down or stand by.

—Saint Soloman,