Felicia Persaud (26512)
Felicia Persaud

In January 2018, it was first reported by The Washington Post that Donald Trump had reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “s—hole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House

Fast track that to Nov. 2020, where the world now has a front row seat to the s—hole that Trump has turned America and its “democracy” into.

For decades, the United States of America has flown its big banner of “democracy” around the world, slamming many developing nations and dictators who try to steal elections and hold on to power.

In 2017, the Trump administration turned its attention to reversing Barack Obama’s policies on Cuba, reverting to old, failed U.S. policies of “upholding democracy,” to satisfy a Miami-Cuban base still angry over losing power in Cuba decades earlier.

In 2018, the attention was put on “democracy” in Venezuela and the administration of President Nicolás Maduro, as the Trump administration recognized Juan Guaidó instead as the legitimate president, placed sanctions on the South American nation––crippling its economy, and used the Organization of American States (OAS) in its campaign to get rid of Maduro. That failed.

Earlier this year, the “democracy” war continued. In March 2020, the U.S., including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, launched a five-month campaign in the CARICOM South American nation of Guyana to ensure the A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) government, led by David Granger, did not end up reinstalling itself as the government after losing the elections.

In September, the U.S. turned its attention to Belarus, joining European allies to press the government for free and fair elections after it was apparent the incumbent there had rigged the election to hold on to power.

Two months later, here we are in the U.S., looking like the same term Trump used in 2018 to denigrate countries like Haiti and those in Africa and Central America.

So much for “U.S. democracy,” as many globally are starting to see, and as Trump tries like a strong-arm dictator the U.S. loves to eschew, to upend the Nov. 3, 2020 election results by falsely claiming he won; spreading lies of “legal versus illegal” votes, and sowing doubts around an institution that has long been the beacon many aspire to.

Amazingly, many Republican lawmakers, several of whom also turn up their noses at so-called “Third World” nations and their elections by issuing statements and threats under the guise of upholding democracy in the world, are now silent.

Even the OAS, which has marched around the Americas as the democracy police, criticizing countries in the region for their election processes, is now also mute.

Why? Because the Big Fat White Bully has the pulpit and his attempts to turn America into a Banana Republic, by repressing Black and immigrant votes, are not nearly as repulsive as Black and Brown wanna-be dictators in so-called Third World nations. Especially since he is merely fighting for white superiority.

Much like he did to Atlantic City, Donald Trump has managed to do on a bigger scale to America: tank the economy, kill thousands, rip the mask off from the hypocrisy banner of so-called democracy, turn it into a global laughing stock and s—hole and forever ensure that America’s credibility to wave the flag of democracy to other nations globally is forever tattered. Make America Great Again? Right!

President-elect Joe Biden has called Trump’s brazen attempts to hold on to power and overturn the will of American voters “embarrassing.” In Europe, Czech President Miloš Zeman, an early Trump supporter, also echoed the same sentiment when asked last week about Trump’s refusal to grant Biden and his team access to begin the transition.

But it is more than “embarrassing;” it is the beginning of the end of America as “the beacon of democracy” and the rapid decline of the global watch dog and democracy arm bearer as it falls rapidly into a dark, fetid abyss, aka s—hole, thanks to Donald J. Trump.

The writer is publisher of NewsAmericasNow