On Friday, Nov. 27, human rights organization the December 12th Movement will be hosting a virtual meeting on the post-election fight for reparations. 

As President-elect Joe Biden moves forward with his cabinet choices in preparation of taking the presidential seat in January, “The Black nation must move forward with our requests and not forget Biden’s victory speech in which he tells Black people in America ‘You’ve always had my back and I’ll have yours,’” said December 12th Movement member Omowale Clay.

The longtime activist continued, “With that being said, we the Black nation in America must take a look at our conditions and ask what are the next steps for us. What would Biden having our back actually look like? The only answer is of course reparations.”

International Secretariat Attorney Roger Wareham stated, “The plight of Black people in America that we see manifested today, stems solely from the reality  that our ancestors were stolen and sold to build up the wealth of a nation. Therefore a debt is owed to us. No questions asked.”

The organization is asking the community to join in on the meeting this Friday, Nov. 27.

It will be hosted by The December 12th Movement, and invited participants include organizations across the nation such as Black Workers for Justice, Peoples Organizations for Progress, National Black United Front, Workers World Party, Operation Power, the NY Coalition of Black Trade Unionist, and N’COBRA on this most pressing issue. 

Friday Nov. 27, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. live on ZOOM  at https://bit.ly/Reparationsnow and on the December 12th Movement page on Facebook. Contact the December 12th Movement at 718-398-1766 for more information.