This holiday season suggests mentally building your strength and setting your pride to the side. Finalize your commitment to achieving what you desire to improve in areas where you may have fallen short. Keep striving day by day, minute by minute, week by week to take the lead in your affairs and carry out your duties. Life is forever in motion, so live in the present and move forward with assertiveness, and watch your endeavors flourish successfully in due time. Gemini’s full moon helps us learn to communicate on different wavelengths and check in on those near and far away. Always remember communication is the key to understanding.

Capricorn: Besides doing favors for others also, mentally and physically turn a life around, be it relationships, your occupation, the family, or other concerns that may arise this week. The choice is up to you. The path you choose to walk down only you can uncover its mysteries through research and experiences. What will you decide? What route will you take to your destination? Keep that in mind and take notes while on your journey. 

Aquarius: Recuperate after a long week by taking a short or long-distance trip if conditions allow. Aid in family matters while dealing with or being in public. This week, there’ll be a rush of work, errands to do, then a downsizing to unwind for the remaining week. Gather up all details for the upcoming projects. Please, do unwind with a full body massage, or read a good book. A bit of indulgence of your favorite pastime is no sin either. Also, include yourself with a warm bath, shower off with cool water, and rest the body before calling it a night.

Pisces: A bit of tug-of-war energy is floating in the air, brushing up against the current winds, changing the course just a bit. What new ideas conjuring up this week can be turned into concrete ones. Evaluate what concept you need to make to be sure this is what you want to pursue. Ask yourself, is it worth it? Every idea starts within the mind, yet taking action is the main ingredient. A routine is needed if you’re ready to start or continue on your journey with success. 

Aries: Learning how to communicate and expressing yourself instead of keeping everything inside only makes people misunderstood as cold and distant. Whatever the mental blockage may be due to past experiences. You have to let go so you can move forward in your life operating differently, similar to driving a brand-new car. It conveys a different feeling with a new attitude. Negative thoughts and past situations only keep you stuck in the same routine. For once, if nothing else, take charge of your destiny.

Taurus: A mystery is only a mystery until the truth is revealed. You’ll find the answers to your questions, be it by way of a dream, an innocent conversation with a friend, or even in the midst of running an errand. In the meantime, being persistent in your quest will lead to perfection or bring you in contact with the right source to guide you down the right path. Don’t mentally stress yourself out. Everything takes time and patience when you understand. 

Gemini: Continue to climb the ladder and stay the course until the results show up in high numbers this week. Even when results show up, continue to further your craft. The expansion of duty and the possibilities may come with some restriction initially until you come up with a plan and consistent routine. Remember, perseverance through obstacles usually pays off in rewards and recognition later on.

Cancer: Taking care of business is essential to continuing the work and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s a social butterfly week with an increase in finance and gifts received from others, along with scratching off your to-do list. Try not to be loud or flashy, however. Stay under the wire instead and not be the noticeable one in the crowd when you go places. That goes for any social media or family gathering as well. Toward the end of the month comes the time to release things that no longer serve a purpose. Because behind the scenes, it’s time for you to begin a new journey. 

Leo: Sometimes, we feel as though we’re moving backward, similar to a Mercury retrograde where we have to review to double-check your work before moving forward. When communicating with people, make sure you’re clear in your intentions, even if you have to break it down for people to understand. The last few days of the month, you’ll feel a sense of destiny and purpose as to what you’re already doing that will give you more of a meaningful and profound understanding of your purpose/mission. You will find yourself having ahh haaa moments when it finally clicks in.

Virgo: Huge changes are on the way for you this particular cycle, and you could experience a business spike in your revenue, which appears to be on the horizon. A detailed schedule, and someone to assist you will keep you up with your current plan. The colors green, purple, white, yellow, or red can boost your mood with the right mix and match. 

Libra: Are you having a funky good time when suddenly a truth about a matter comes to the surface, revealing itself to you. Well, now you know what happened, or perhaps finding something you thought you lost may come up as well. You may find yourself or someone having an unspoken admiration for you or vice versa. The upcoming changes in your business and relationships may be in question. You may also have to decide what’s in your best interest and whether it meets the objective of the path you’re currently headed into leading to a long-term outcome. 

Scorpio: After an awkward week perhaps of receiving news of someone’s health, even your own, it may have triggered a spiral effect on how to maneuver your lifestyle. You have to take care of yourself to establish a new beginning. Mentally, gather your thoughts, and if you need to write them down, it will help if you keep a daily practice, even if it’s one word a day. The point is to be consistent in your daily affairs. You may increase your workload or a positive change to establish some new rules to better yourself, including your family and personal matters. 

Sagittarius: Happy solar return, Sagittarius! You’ve perhaps handled a lot of business and mingled with diverse people, yet stayed connected within your community. Your schedule is likely to go from slow to speedy at a moment’s notice. It helps to keep a planner as a reminder or carry a pocket notebook for upcoming events, including new ones, as you go about your day. You may have to reassess some details in certain situations for clarity before proceeding or committing to a possible partnership arrangement. Keep in mind to drink plenty of water along the way.