To bring about the results to please him, results that would vindicate him and flip the election he lost, Trump has resorted to everything imaginable and the inconceivable.

First of all, in his delusional mind, the elections were rigged; how else could he have been beaten by “Sleepy Joe” Biden? And over the last several days with his being virtually bunkered down except for ruining good walks on his golf course, he has accused everybody under the sun.

He has implied that various wings of the government were complicit in the nonexistent conspiracy to defeat him, including the Department of Justice, the FBI, and a number of Republican elected officials. All of them, he seems to suggest, were in cahoots with the opposition to bring about his downfall.

No, Trump, and you are getting it all wrong. And as you cast the blame all over the place, why not implicate more than 80 million voters?

Even the tactic to call for recounts is backfiring on you with Biden widening the margin of his victory.

It’s time to face the facts and concede. Your desperate attempts to hold on to the Oval Office are endangering the nation, though such an inclination we feel has never been absent from your tyrannical rule.

We hear that you have promised to step aside and vacate the office once the Electoral College renders its verdict. Ha, we know something about your promises and we will believe that when we see it.

You are a madman wailing blindly, unable to accept that a dictator of your power and standing could possibly be removed.

As the day of reckoning draws ever closer, you are an emperor without clothes, without authority, and soon one without government approval.

It’s been a long time coming but we know a change is on its way, and our sisters and brothers can’t wait for that happy day.

Yes, put the blame on Mame and millions of voters who conspired to send you packing, and we are sure many of them will gladly concede to that, long before you concede to Mr. Biden.