In this trepidatious holiday season, the idea of spending hours in a mall or at a department store is simply unfathomable. Between the lines, the capacity limits, and the lengthy protocol to even enter many commercial spaces, New Yorkers are finding that their holiday shopping options have narrowed. But, what if you could do all of your holiday shopping within the confines of your community? What if you were provided a safe and socially responsible way to peruse shops and find that right gift for that special someone?

The best kept secret of the holiday season is the Bed Stuy Winter Bazaar in Central Brooklyn.

The Bed Stuy Winter Bazaar will take place in Restoration Plaza every Saturday and Sunday between Thanksgiving and Kwanzaa. The hours of operation are from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Over a dozen vendors, with products ranging from organic elderberry syrup to antique African furniture, will be on display in the West plaza. A robust entertainment schedule which includes Gospel carolers and community DJs will certainly bring the holiday spirit into the entire business corridor.

Ever since the activation of the Black Lives Matter mural back in June, there has been a strategized movement guided by community stakeholders to transform the Fulton Street corridor into “Downtown Bed Stuy.” Constant programming of events and protests over the summer and into autumn have served as reinforcement of that ideal. This Bazaar is more than just an opportunity for residents to shop small. It’s another step in the idea that residents of Bed Stuy and Crown Heights do not have to leave their community to find quality products and services.

The holiday season is a special time in every community. It is the season of giving, of fellowship, of shopping and gift giving. In continuing with their goal to utilize the Restoration Campus as an area of cultural exchange, Good People NYC, the organizers of the Bazaar, view the holiday season as a perfect opportunity to bring the community into this crossroads for a celebration of the holiday!

For our community’s small businesses, the holiday season is an important season for their bottom line. Our business corridor has already been hit hard by COVID, and offering these small businesses an opportunity to vend at the Bed Stuy Winter Bazaar will hopefully help in the recovery process, even if just a little bit. The idea is to continue to build on the momentum given by the BLM mural, and to continue to transform Bed Stuy into a destination.

For more information about the Bed Stuy Winter Bazaar, please contact Marlon Rice at